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TK 62910 Reporting for Duty


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Greetings All,

Just got approved and I am checking my transmitter to report for Duty. My name in Dan and live in central Florida. I began my Star Wars journey in "77. I have yearned to be a member of the 501st since 2010 but life just seemed to get in the way. On December 3, 2019, I committed to my journey of a TK ANH/Hero. I am proud to say I have just been approved and I am so looking forward to trooping. I had a brief unofficial introduction to it recently (before Corona) with a Tampa Bay Squad Troop as a newbie pseudo handler, lol. The camaraderie and friendship was great. I was as hooked as I'd hoped to be. 

Until we can all get out there I will be training for EIB and Centurian. Hope to see you guys soon. Stay safe and remember "Buckets only filter smoke", lol 


TK 62910  Out (squelch) 


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Congratulations Trooper !! Welcome to the Legion.  Glad to read you're thinking about higher levels. looking forward to see photos of your armor and your progress to Higher levels, feel free to ask questions and receive useful feedback and suggestions from our skilled troopers here.


Cheers :salute:

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