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TK-71970 Requesting ANH Stunt Centurion Status [451]


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Hello! I submit my request to level up my armor to Centurion level. I have done the indicated modifications and I have applied the changes that Joseph suggested to me achieving the Expert level. Thank you very much!!!


Name: Joaquín Galindo

ID Legion: TK-71970

Nick: Joako7

Armor: SDS ANH Stunt

Garrison: Spanish Garrison


My legion profile link: http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=26154

My EIB link: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/46047-tk-71970-requesting-sds-stormtrooper-anh-stunt-eib-status-887/


Armor maker: Shepperton Design Studios

Helmet maker: Shepperton Design Studios

Blaster type: E-11 Shepperton Design Studios

Height: 1,77 m.

Weight: 79 kg.

Boots maker: Corsair Kids

Canvas belt: Traumtrooper Spanish Garrison

Hand plates type: Antilis Spanish Garrison

Electronics: Fans and sound equipment in the helmet

Neck seal type: Traumtrooper Spanish Garrison

Holster maker: Traumtrooper Spanish Garrison


Thanks again!!!


















































































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Nice work, just a couple of things, your forearms look really large on you, you may wish to down size them a little. You do have a lot of ridge showing on the backs of arms, biceps and legs.


You could also paint the rims of your hovi tips white



Tube strips are ideally spaced a pencil width from the sides of the cheeks, also shouldn't be angled.


Sides of your ab/kidney appear to overlap, should be touching.


Belt could be trimmed to stop at or before the end of the TD.


Should straps could be bent downwards at the rear, they are sticking up.


You also have a little extra paint on the teeth gums which you could remove.




Good luck with approval


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Hi Joaquin & thanks for your patience. 

Your original Deployment Officer has moved up in rank to Executive Officer.

I will be going over your Centurion application and getting back you you shortly. 




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On 4/26/2019 at 8:25 PM, gmrhodes13 said:

Nice work, just a couple of things, your forearms look really large on you, you may wish to down size them a little. You do have a lot of ridge showing on the backs of arms, biceps and legs.


You could also paint the rims of your hovi tips white


I definitely agree with both these takes. the arms definitely could use some slight modification to fit you better.

As far as the mic tips, yes, they need some white for the correct details.


Good Luck! You are well on your way.

Move Along!

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Hi Joaquin, 

It looks as if gmrhodes has given you some excellent  advise.

I'm going to need you to adjust the teeth to be able to move forward. 

Per the CRL Frown is painted gray and does not leave the teeth area.


Take a look at the reference photos and you'll see what the CRL is looking for. 

Fortunately this can be easily fixed with a tootpick and a little time to remove the excess paint. 

Please post updated photos of your helmet once completed.  

Your Helmet 



Reference Photos 



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Hi Mike, nice to meet you!!


Thanks for your advice and clarifications. I am already working on the modifications that gmrhodes13 asked me and I hope to be able to send you new photos very soon.


Thanks again.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Mike.

Finally, I have been able to finish all the modifications. Here you have the photos. Please, tell me if you need any more details.

I hope it is everything correct.

Thank you very much.




















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I was going to suggest that as well.  In your EI submission photos the wrists look like the return edge still needs to be removed in the "hump".  2 minutes with a Dremel tool and you will be golden!


ifR8YBj.jpg       7bUwMHr.jpg

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Hi again.

Here you have photos of the wrist openings. As you suggested me I have removed the excess of return with a dremel and I think it looks great.

And, that´s true, Shenester, like brothers!

Thanks to everyone!!!






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Hey Joaquin, 

When reviewing your armor we feel that the biceps and forearms need to be reduced to get a better fit of your armor and as a bonus you will obtain that sleek ANH-look. When doing so we advise you trim the biceps from both the front and the back as you will then be able to remove that flat joining surface which did not exist on the original armor.

And though it's not required we would also suggest that you try and close the gap between forearm and bicep if possible. 


                                                                          Reference Image

YwpG4bZ.jpg  ngMmIiZ.jpg


We also need you to re position the sniper knee as seen per reference image.

                                                                            Reference Image 

86mOWKV.jpg  frX7MLm.jpg




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  • 4 weeks later...

Hi again Mike.


Sorry for the delay. These changes have taken me a long time because I had to rebuild some of the pieces.


For the knee modification I had to remove the piece. It was the third time I had done this change, so the abs plastic was very fragile and because of this it have broken a little bit. I had to restore the calf before sticking again the sniper piece with the changes you had told me. I think now is quite better, however it is not possible to place it entirely horizontal, because the calf of the sds armor is not symmetric. I am able yo force the sniper piece a lot, but not more than you can see in the photos. Moreover, when I forced the piece a small crack appeared, nearly imperceptible. This crack prevent from forcing it more. I hope it will be enough


About the arms, I done the changes you asked me to do, trimming the pieces and reducing the width of them. Also I have reduced the diameter in the wrist zone.


I hope now they are correct. Thank you for you patience.












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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi Jaoquin,

Thanks for your application for Centurion, Always great to see a fellow trooper take their armor to the next level. 


CRL and Centurion Application Requirements

All required photos are now in and, after review, we are pleased to welcome you to Centurion! On behalf of the DO team and myself, many congratulations! :duim: 


Other-Armor Fit/Assembly



In this area we discuss areas that could benefit from additional improvement. Note that we consider both text (CRL) and pictures (screen caps/reference images) when reviewing submissions. And just like in EIB we'll start from the top down. 


First stop would be your Hovi Tips, you've made the adjustment in weathering the exterior rim as requested but if you want to take it to that next level I would suggest you paint the inside of the rim white as well. The inside of yours are white as required but take a look at the screen used tips and your see what a difference just that little bit will make. 


SFqhNYl.jpg  Ic4Yawu.jpg



Reference Photo





Before I move onto your belt I want to comment on your fore arm fix and thank you for having trust in your fellow troopers the difference between your EIB photos and the fix is night & day! Well done Jaoquin. 


This just may be an adjustment from moving prior to submitting your photos but double check your belt as it should cover just about half of the bottom button on the abs. I've added a snap to make sure mine sits in the same position all the time so I don't have to worry once I put it on or a piece of velcro would do the same. 


                                                                                          Reference Photo

ZMiHQei.jpg      Z8L86Yx.jpg   d1tUdzdt.jpg


Same comment for the fix on the sniper knee as well, great job! 

Again great job on the adjustments and welcome to the rank of Centurion. Now go out and make the Empire proud!!

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