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Adianu's WTF shorty build

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On ‎1‎/‎15‎/‎2019 at 3:19 PM, Grihm said:

If i can help in any leather related questions, anyone feel free to ask away =)

Thanks for the tips! It looks like where I may have messed up was not having a cutting mat on hand. I will correct that next time :)


I got the extra TIE kit safely off to a new owner, and while I wait on my kit I've just been keeping busy around the house. If the government stays shut down for another few weeks, maybe I will finally get everything organized!


But my boots came yesterday, so I have more costume work to do! These are a little on the big side for me, but I'm sure I will want insoles, and wearing them with a couple of pairs of socks seemed to be fine so far. I will be following advice from several threads about painting boots, hopefully starting to tackle this tomorrow night. Before I scrub them with acetone, anyone see any issues with these? 











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Yes a cutting mat is very gentle on the tools and daves you fron sharpening them too often as well.


As for the boots..If you are going to scrub them with an alcoholic solution, be sure to tedt it on a small patch first. Obe can never tell hot the material reacts. Especially if it's uncertain what form of tanning it comes from.

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Perhaps a little late in the commenting, but trooperbay sells a complete set of the paints.

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The boots took me a little longer than anticipated... but I'm still waiting on armor, so that's OK. I received my neck seal and am ALMOST finished with boots (unhappy with some messiness around the soles, but getting close).


Some pictures throughout the boot journey...


Post-acetone rub:



Taped up and ready to go:



Layer 1 of approximately 1 billion:



A few more layers in:



All painted, acrylic layer, and fabric paint on the elastic!



So now to fix the couple of smudges, make some magnet satchels, and continue researching...


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Gap in posts for good reason.

Around the time of my last post, our Garrison had a tragic loss. One of our members was murdered. She was one of the nicest people you could ever meet. The armor party I referenced earlier was at her house, and her TK husband. I've struggled with what to say about it other than sometimes life sucks. Her primary costume was TB, so a group in Star built scouts for our local con in her honor. Walt pulled them, so I was not focused on pestering him about my TK.


But I got to a presentable TB and started pestering Walt, who encouraged me to do so until it was in mg hands. And then...... I'm at work and the doorbell rings.....


Just in time for me to ALMOST finish remaking my totally too huge Scout soft goods! And so it begins....

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