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  1. You got this! Your already doing the right thing. Take lots of pictures and reach out for answers. Everyone on there first build had some type of issue. Heck I had forearms that didn't look like two even halves, messed my shins up trying to use a heat gun to form them and let alone shin gate and a bell gate lol Measure 3 times cut once. Cut less than you need, try it on and if you need to do a small amount more than let's do some more
  2. As always I do try to help out with your build when I see your posts on our Ohio Academy Facebook page. Due to how facebook algorithms work I sometimes don't see every post. You are more than welcome to message me anytime and I am happy to help out virtually the best I can. I had a lot of help virtually for my build all from the fine people here in our detachment as well as in our garrison as well as a few other facebook groups. For your calves, your muscles will flex as you walk so even if you are standing still you are only get a small piece of the picture with fitting them. Your cover strips will hide any imperfect cuts on the back. Just remember the back of the shins open up and close around your leg. Did you settle on how you want these to strap? Velcro, elastic with hooks? That may help you decided how much room to give yourself on your cuts.
  3. Congrats! It was my pleasure answering all your questions through Facebook Messenger on getting your build together! I look forward to getting some pictures together!
  4. from reference pics there are some with shorter brow trim than others. If you are happy with a shorter brow trim then keep going. if you want it to touch the back of the traps replace it. I think you can tilt the face a bit more forward so the tube vents line up a bit better with the back shell
  5. Welcome to the party from one WTFer to another future TK!
  6. Following your build with great interest!
  7. your def right in triming from the bottom! I would start there and once you have your thighs in place you can confirm if you need the shins to come down more.
  8. great work on the build! My WTF kit have not had many issues with the shoulders straps (I think I just used more glue) but love your innovative approach
  9. you will want to move the ears back just a tad. The ear screws will line up with the back of the trap. Great work so far!
  10. sure thing, the smaller fan size is 35mm x 35mm x 10mm
  11. Welcome Sir! Love to see another WTF build! Looking good so far. Ask lots of questions we are always happy to help!
  12. I'm based in the US, good old Ohio I also have a smaller fan size option as well.
  13. its been a minute since I have been able to work on this, with moving homes recently and unpacking and getting a proper workshop back up. Glad to announce finally got the chest pieces figured out and have begun printing I did have to cut the parts to fit the build surface of the printer but this will save time on the print as well as printer material.
  14. There are lots of options with the brow trim and how far it goes on the trap Just think of it this way, you put your own little touch to your armor! The OT TKs were asymmetrical. So a bit of wonkiness is expected. (embrace the wonky!) I think your faceplate tubes could be a bit better aligned with the dome tubes. The ears will help cover anything that looks odd, but the fit will be better if you can bring them in line more.
  15. Ask tons of questions! Here on the boards there is a lot of experience. I have my WTF build thread in the sig below if you want another reference.
  16. and use the force, fly fighters and stand on a bridge
  17. The fun part of the print so far has been the chest. The file came with the back yoke and the chest all in one piece No easy way someone could probably put that on without causing something to break or let alone get stuck. To fix this I downloaded meshmixer (free software) and proceeded to remove the portions that are not needed. I still have to smooth out a few portions where the "cuts" where made. Digital cuts are so much easier that real cuts It was a great crash course in learning how to use Meshmixer. Quick question does anyones FOTK kits have those green tabs/indents on the left and right side near the back? I'm thinking of filling these in for when I make the files 501st approvable.
  18. Shoulder bells are done. I think they could be a tab bit larger (who doesnt need bigger shoulder bells?) but I can reprint them later on if needed.
  19. I didnt even notice it on mine either until my application. Super easy thing
  20. Just an FYI and something cannot be seen from the pics. WTF shoulder bells are not interchangable (unless something changed with the molds) There is a small swoop on the bottom of them that indicates which side is which. It got called out on my centurion app, so just wanted to share it with you. Everything else looks amazing!
  21. Oh for sure! That way it can be a visual reference of the 3D files then and show what is inaccurate for it for 501st approval
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