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  1. I actually want to do the same thing, you don't happen to know where one can find the templates?
  2. I'm still thinking of getting the bigger bells, i would like that gap to be a bit closer on my kit
  3. I did to my skin for sizing, For me the compression suit did not matter for fitting. I suppose it would really matter pending on what your undersuit is made of
  4. Walt does offer larger bells now. I know on my WTF kit, I removed all the return edge on the bells and then I removed the return edge on on the outside of the bicep allowing my arms to come in closer. I still have a bit of a gap but its better until I finally pull the trigger and get them larger bells
  5. Hi Derek! We are happy to help you with your TK build from WTF (mine is also a WTF but really they all go together pretty much the same way) Feel free to ask lots of questions and post pictures when you start your build. Walt is great at getting you replacements for when you do have an oops moment so do not be afraid it is only plastic Welcome to a larger weird family of plastic spacemen and spacewomen!
  6. My fans I made have a dial that I can control the fan speed and thus the noise. I don't always need them at full speed but I can adjust them for hearing or cooling while wearing my bucket
  7. Maybe reach out to UKwrath on the hovi mics since they are his. He might have more input on this.
  8. Hi Kevin, The TK family is all about Troopers Helping Troopers, so what do you want for fans? It can be super simple as running of a few AA batteries or can do a USB plug to use a battery bank as a power source. On/Off switch? sure we can get you setup as well. There are a few of us here that make great helmet fan setups (Troopercoola, UKswrath, Henrys, and myself) that you cannot go wrong with any of those setups. I'd definitely be more than happy to help you out with making your own setup if you want to go down that path.
  9. Look everyone see sitting isnt that hard to do if you build it correctly! Great work!
  10. I mean I got fans that I like (see sale post in my sig)
  11. Those are the most rewarding one! Enjoy it!
  12. Oh my quite a bit actually....Been assisting a few cadets in my local garrison on getting there costumes together and up to EIB/Centurion. Helping one get a shadow trooper assembled. Than working on my next costume I want to do as well. Other than that working on some prop projects that I hope to role out to everyone in the coming months, and building a new house. Plus my day job which I've taken on new responsibilities and have been traveling a lot lately. Too bad my Husky tote won't fit as a carry on, other wise I'd bring it with me and troop the country. Whats up with you TK 71627?
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