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  1. StrmTRPR85

    Helmet Fans/ Battery pack

    I mean I got fans that I like (see sale post in my sig)
  2. StrmTRPR85

    WTF ANH STUNT TK Build Thread

    Those are the most rewarding one! Enjoy it!
  3. StrmTRPR85

    WTF ANH STUNT TK Build Thread

    Oh my quite a bit actually....Been assisting a few cadets in my local garrison on getting there costumes together and up to EIB/Centurion. Helping one get a shadow trooper assembled. Than working on my next costume I want to do as well. Other than that working on some prop projects that I hope to role out to everyone in the coming months, and building a new house. Plus my day job which I've taken on new responsibilities and have been traveling a lot lately. Too bad my Husky tote won't fit as a carry on, other wise I'd bring it with me and troop the country. Whats up with you TK 71627?
  4. Looking good. The only thing that I see might get called out is the angle on the ears. The screws should be more in line with the back trapezoid and go straight down.
  5. StrmTRPR85

    WTF ANH Stunt build for the Str8 Shooter

    1/4 is a lot.... i'd remove at the bottom for comfort, and to keep your boots from getting all chewed up by your shins. Top i'd start at 1/8 and remove more for comfort
  6. StrmTRPR85


    You can always remove more as needed. Much harder to put back on.
  7. We can always bring up shins but i thought bring it up just to discuss and see if anyone has any thoughts.
  8. how does everyone feel about gaps on the ears?
  9. I think for brow trim there the verbage should be "ideally a spacing" rather than an enforcement of a measurement
  10. can we get a quick one post recap on the proposed changes?
  11. I think an "if present" statement is perfect for this. Now for duplicate parts I think this comes down to the DOs knowing the armor marker and which has the swoops. Honestly I didn't know on mine until it got called out
  12. Here's one that should be added... Shoulder Bell swoops. My kit has them and during my centeruion approval I was asked to swap the bells to the correct sides. Currently the CRL states the bells may be worn interchangeably, but that is not true in my case
  13. Gotta add those screw heads
  14. Why not include brackets, and elastic shin hooks into the centurion discussion if we are going to debate brow height, and arm gaps. Those alone would make attaing centurion a slight more challenge just to get the ftting correct.