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November 2016 Newsletter

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Thomas J. "TJ" McIntire III TK/SL 11246

Born: April 11, 1979

Passed at 12:06 AM on November 18, 2016. 


"TJ was an amazing man, a loving husband and father, and a true friend. He knew his best friend and wife Kristen for over twenty one years they were married for twelve.  TJ had two wonderful sons Liam and Owen, who also shared his love of Star Wars.  They would often be seen at events in their little Stormtrooper’s costumes.  


His charm, wit and sincerity influenced many people.  He forgot more about the original trilogy Stormtroopers than most people will ever learn.  TJ helped at minimum eight other members get their Stormtroopers built and submitted to the 501st Legion.  I believe that not one of them got differed for changes and were accepted on the first try.  Part of TJ’s weekly routine was to go to the Snoot Studio (Mark Santucci’s house) every Tuesday night to help build costumes.  TJ helped in some way almost every member in Western Pennsylvania with their costumes.  TJ would selflessly sit down with our cadets at events to give them pointers on how to do their builds.  TJ never wanted the spotlight, but after a couple of years the Garrison Carida Command took notice.  He was asked and accepted a position as an Advisor for our Imperial Academy.


When it came to events TJ was all about working together to have fun and make a difference.  TJ’s TK was a clown in white armor.  He would even get down on his knee if that is what it took to be able to bring a smile to a child’s face.  TJ was blessed with several opportunities including doing Weird Al Yankovic concerts, and Pittsburgh Pirates Star Wars Night, he always took time to reflect on the opportunity he was given. It was the charity events that we do that he loved the most.  During our library events we have the kids do a Wookie howl competition.  TJ as a Stormtrooper would step up to volunteer, without a microphone he would be loud enough to echo through the library. Often times TJ was the first one ready to go and the last one to suit down.


This past summer TJ got his Darth Vader approved and his first troop was doing a three and a half mile 4th of July parade.  We were instructed that we could not stop along the route.  Keeping that in the back of his mind he powered through the hills of Pittsburgh.  But again doing it as only TJ could he saw a WW II Navy Veteran, he made a point to go over to talk to him and yes the parade did come to a halt for that moment.


Word can not describe how caring, creative  and passionate of a person TJ was.  He would be the guy to lend a hand for all of the grunt work setting up or tearing down from a convention.  TJ would be the guy sitting in a changing room helping someone if part of a costume failed.


TJ knew how to have fun.  After large troops he would sip on his aged Scotch and be fancy.  If you would have a drink with him he would give you a monocle to be fancy as well.


You will be missed TJ


Buckets off to one of the bad guys who did good things."









A Fundraiser has been started on his behalf to help his family. Patches, Stickers and Bracelets are being made to anyone who donates. Please visit this link for details. 












Greetings From the Dark Side, Stormtrooper Aficionados!


As November closes out, and December brings with it whispers of Christmas, I cannot help but reflect on our recent American Thanksgiving holiday.  Traditionally, we look at our lives and reflect on the things that we are thankful for, and very near the top of my list is the FISD.

As a result of my affiliation with this Detachment Forum for going on four years now, I have met a great many of you - quite a few in person even - and I expect that in time I will meet a great many more.  


By and large, the membership of the FISD is one filled with people from all parts of this globe; people from all different backgrounds; people from all walks of life; people with different lifestyles; people who, outside of a slightly unusual love of shiny white plastic may not have much in common with each other at all.  Somehow though, no matter what is happening around each of us as individuals, we are able to put on blinders to our differences and truly focus on the common passion that binds all of us together.  That is a beautiful thing.  It really is, and I am indeed truly thankful for each of you and what you add to the lives of our other members here at the Detachment.


In times of need, someone here always steps up to help and for what it's worth, I think that that is one of the highest compliments that someone can pay to their fellow human beings.  You're all remarkable in your own rights, and I am thankful for that without question.


Rogue One


Since tickets recently went on sale, I am sure that we all have our plans nearly solidified to see (or in some cases, not see) Rogue One.  Regardless of your thoughts about another prequel, it is still just an exciting time to be a fan of Star Wars, as the Star Wars universe is alive and well and Rogue One will most certainly leave its mark on the legacy of the saga.


We are only a few days away from the premiere right now, and by the time that we publish the next edition of the FISD Newsletter, I am confident that this forum will be all a-flutter with discussion about the movie.  


Everyone be safe, and have a good time.  Share good times with good friends - like the people I mentioned above.  We're all in this together!


What Lies Ahead..

This month, just as in every other, the Newsletter Team has put in some diligent efforts to bring you another fun ride.  I hope that you'll all take the time to read through all of it, and if a particular piece strikes a chord with you, be sure to post a comment and let us know about it!  


As always, if you feel like you'd like to be a bigger part of the goings-on here at FISD, reach out to any of the Staff members, or Attaches, and let someone know that you're interested in doing so.  We're always looking for members who want to do more.  Believe me, we'll find a way to effectively channel your energy and desire.  We're happy to have your help.  


Once again, our Advanced Tactics numbers have continued to expand.  Unofficially, I believe we are on track for our best year ever in this regard within the Detachment.  That is fully a reflection of the commitment of our members to building the best looking costumes that the world and the Legion will ever see.  Thank you all for your desire to raise the bar, and look your best.  I am a firm believer that we are entrusted with this gift - the ability to rock our Star Wars costumes with the blessings of Lucasfilm - because of the respect that we have always shown for the brand, as a community.  I also believe that we owe it to the fans, to look our very best whenever we do it, and that's a big responsibility that we assume.


I know that each of you is up to the task, and I'm thankful for that!


Enjoy your newlsetter, everyone!


With Unquestioned Loyalty,

Tim Waychoff

TK-51878 "Dark CMF"
Detachment Leader






We have a competition winner!  Below is the winning entry for the Trooper Log competition, submitted by Markus:


The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) has suspected a leak in confidential information. An Imperial communications facility in Dandoran has since gone dark as the next expected routine report is a couple weeks overdue. Concerned for the integrity of the facility, the ISB has sent Agent Rhene to investigate and to ensure that the facility had not been destroyed, or worse... Compromised! Agent Rhene, escorted by the FISD's finest, a division of Elite Stormtroopers who are always by her side, no matter how dangerous her missions were. The testament of their loyalty is such that they never failed her and she in turn never fails her mission.

The base, being one of the key communications outpost in the Outer Rim, is heavily guarded by a garrison of Stormtroopers led by Overseer Tritan. Tritan, a shady figure known to have had a past in information brokering, has always had the ISB on edge. Regardless of his past motives, he has always had a knack at obtaining information that the Empire has valued, thus a tense and fragile alliance existed between the ISB and Tritan. However, with the lack of communications by the Dandoran Facility, the ISB fears that the allure of wealth may have caused Tritan to go back to his old habits.

Agent Rhene's arrival at the base was not greeted nor were there any notions of acknowledgements made despite her several attempts to request permission to land on one of the landing platforms. The base seemed to be devoid of staff or Stormtroopers making their rounds. Rhene signaled to her troops to stand ready as she instructed the shuttle to land at the closest platform to the Command Center. She figured that the security feeds from the Command Center will be an adequate start to providing any evidence to begin solving this mystery.

Crossing a hall on they way to the command center the doors behind them suddenly close shut. An upon a railing above Rhene, stood Overseer Tritan and his garrison of Stormtroopers with their blasters trained on her and her men.

"Pity how they should send one of their most promising agents. Unlucky as you are Agent Rhene, as this is the end for you."


Tritan then gestured to his Stormtroopers,


"Kill them all."


As Tritan's Stormtroopers prepared to fire, an explosion rocked the base, sending bits of metal and debris across the hall as it tore open a large gaping hole by the wall. Smoke fills the hall as Rhene and her men dived for cover, while Tritan was momentarily distracted and could be heard yelling at his Stormtroopers. Before the dust even clears, blaster shots ringed across the hall as Rebel Commandos flowed in through the hole. Rhene deduced that the Rebels must have taken the lack of communication by the Facility as an invitation to storm the place and steal vital Imperial Information. Thus, Rhene and her team now stand in a crossfire between Rebels and traitors of the Empire.

* the contestant now continues on the story below


Rhene considered a strategy feverishly together with Captain Wordo, the commander of their Stormtrooper division. After a moment Wordo said: "We ally with those rebels." Agent Rhene, looking at him with big eyes, was stunned. Was she surrounded by traitors? But then she realized... it would be better first to obliterate the traitors and afterwards to apprehend the probably not as well-trained rebels than vice versa. In this way they might get even information of the arrested rebels about their base which would be obviously situated nearby. That would certainly bring her and her Stormtroopers an honor by Lord Vader. At that thought a brief smile flashed on her lips.

Rhene approvingly nodded to Captain Wordo who then gave hand signals to his men so they would know what to do. Shortly afterwards, the Stormtrooper from their coverage opened the fire on Tritan and his men.

Aigo Tel, the leader of the small rebel group, did not realize who he had to thank for the new support. He supposed that some of his men had advanced into the base and put from their new position the Stormtrooper under fire. So, the blaster fire of the rebels only turned against the traitors.

The traitors who now had to fight against two sides lost more and more people in the gun battle. "Damn, kill them, kill them ALL", roared Tritan more and more desperate. Red blaster bolts flashed wildly through the smokefilled hall.

Finally Tritan tried to steal away cowardly. But Captain Wordo recognized the situation and ran with some of his men bravely in a crouched stance to the end of the hall, where the traitors had entrenched. The Elite Stormtrooper disarmed the remaining traitors curtly, while Captain Wordo followed the renegade leader.

The rebels had surprisingly, inserted a ceasefire when suddenly the Stormtrooper ran from the supposed secure side through the hall. Too late, Aigo Tel saw, that something strange was going on. Before he or one of the other rebels could open the fire again, Rhene's men have captured them.

Agent Rhene said: "Sergeant Angor, ask for reinforcement and keep an eye on this scum" She threw to both - the rebels and the surviving traitors - a contemptuous look. "Ma'am, yes, Ma'am", replied Angor. Rhene nodded and then ran into the direction, in which Tritan and Wordo disappeared a few moments ago.

Captain Wordo followed Tritan through several corridors, until he came to a large, dark hall. Suddenly he heard footsteps behind him ... he spun around ... and looked into the face of Agent Rhene. "Surprise", she whispered and smiled briefly before her eyes became serious again: "Where is Tritan?" Wordo answered: "I followed him up here.” Carefully, both advanced further into the darkness of the hall.

As they were about in the middle of the hall, a red lightsaber flashed on just before them... a short chop and a headless Overseer Tritan fell at their feet ... Lord Vader and the reinforcement were already there.


In Addition to the IPM's Trooper Log Contest, the Attaches Hosted a Photo Contest


This was a fun contest, that was over very quickly, so if you happened to blink, you might have missed it.  


The contest required Troopers to submit two very specific photos of themselves in armor, in public, in the same response, and TK-10488 of the Alabama Garrison (Gotta love the Empire Strikes Bama!) was quick to get photos taken and submitted to claim a very excellent prize!

You can see the contest details and winning entry here:  Imperial Jacket Contest



With Unquestioned Loyalty,

Evan Loh
TK-24127 "Holnave"

FISD Public Relations Officer



New Armor Option Officially Hits The Market

Recently, ANOVOS published notification of the full public release of their First Order Stormtrooper kits for sale.  The period of introductory pricing, has expired, and the kits are now available for preorder with a shipping time frame of the 3rd Quarter of 2017.


You can find the sales information here:  ANOVOS First Order Stormtrooper Kit


Discussion about the kit has been ongoing here at the FISD for some time and at last, you'll be able to make a decision about whether the kit is right for you and your budget.  Here is a where a lot of the discussion is happening: ANOVOS TFA Preorder Q and A.


With Unquestioned Loyalty,

Tim Waychoff
TK-51878 "Dark CMF"

Detachment Leader





Want Your Troop to be Included?

Post your troop report in the Field Training Exercises section here http://www.whitearmo...ning-exercises/

Those with troop logs please post a separate troop report as it is easier to link too.

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First Imperial March - Make a Wish Foundation



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By: Preston, Pretzel, TK91488

With Unquestioned Loyalty,

Glen "Q" Rhodes
TK-85421 "gmrhodes13"
Imperial Propaganda Department




This month's memoir comes from Stephanie Cutler from the Georgia Garrison:


A long time ago, in a Garrison far, far away…

There lived a girl who loved all things Star Wars. Though she did not know she was surrounded by others like her, she knew that what her father had fostered in her upbringing was something special. As a child, the endless pencils inserted into the wheels of the cassettes that refused to rewind, the family weekends re-watching the trilogy, taping and timing the commercials so it wouldn’t interrupt the recordings beyond a flinch in the action, and the homemade trivia games hosted around a Saturday evening meal where her father reigned as the King of All Things Star Wars made her believe. When his body failed him, she took that love and remembered him.


Fifteen years later, the same girl would see a preview for a movie and decide that she wanted to be a part of that world again. So she dressed up as a dirty Rebel, contacted a Rebel Legion Base Commander, and arrived at a parade for Children’s Hospital of Atlanta. She pulled up and parked, hesitantly at first, and as she passed rows upon rows of decorated cars, she faltered.


“What am I doing?”, she asked herself.


As she got out, a man drove up next to her. He got out, smiled, and asked her if she needed help. He introduced himself. They spoke at length, discovering that they were indeed neighbors, living only a few miles from each other. Small world. He spent the rest of his troop encouraging her and introducing her to everyone in the 501st Legion and the Rebel Legion that had come together to troop the cause. As she walked with them all together, she was reminded of her childhood, of her father’s words, and his encouragement to be whoever she wanted to be. The white armor was beautiful; it was uniting and ambivalent, but also anonymous and empowering. There was only one road for her, so she decided to build it. Everyone she met was inviting and welcome, and she knew she was home. She was in white armor within the month by the graciousness of her Garrison, her Detachment, armor parties, late night messages, and her newfound friends.


Ten months later and many troops in-between, she woke up before dawn for the Paint Gwinnett Pink Breast Cancer Walk. Her mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer three years earlier; her father had died of brain cancer 15 years ago. She wasn’t ready, even though the years had dulled her memory. She snapped the line 24’s, attached the industrial Velcro, and pulled on the mask. She slipped among the crowds posing for pictures, letting little girls try on her helmet, and snapping selfies with teenage girls. She was doing something good. She was living her nerd dreams; dressing up as a Stormtrooper and becoming the anonymous force behind the helmet and being a positive influence in the lives of people who just needed to take a picture with a strong woman who beat all the odds. #badguysdoinggood


And just as she turned to leave, she realized why she was here. She didn’t have a favorite troop. *I* didn’t have a favorite troop, but they were all the culmination of something special. They were all my favorite opportunities to honor the people who had placed the love of Star Wars in me, those who have shaped my morals, and the friends I had made along the way. We are Legion. We are White Armor. We are unique, we are together, and we create those memories and safe spaces in time that allow us to honor those rare moments. As I watched the runners leave the starting line I realized that somewhere out there in that crowd was a girl whose father has left her too early, and that all she needed to see was an older version of herself who would honor him and carry on with the things they used to do together. It wouldn’t be apparent to her now and it wouldn’t be obvious, but it was the least the girl trooper at the starting line could do for her. She was me. I am her.


I am White Armor. I am Legacy. TK-92272




With Unquestioned Loyalty



Christian Burgos Hernández

TK 9539 "v7sg"

Imperial Propaganda Department




Of course, many of our United States based Stormtroopers recently observed the Thanksgiving Holiday with the locals.

While some locals have fun with the Earth-based stereotypes about our alleged lack of accuracy in manners like this:


Other, more knowledgeable locals shared in some rather excellent feasts, courtesy of our expert marksmanship!

With Unquestioned Loyalty,

Tim Waychoff
TK-51878 "Dark CMF"

Detachment Leader



This month the 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment would like to congratulate:

Expert Infantry Badge Award:


Harald Suele "Garraxo" TK-16468

Mark Bradley "Humperdingle" TK-22700

Jose O'Kean "Oki" TK-15245

Marco Bossow "Atin" TK-62726

H. David Phillips "Redbeard" TK-4765

Eric Ott "Silverdollar22" TK-42195

Derrick Meade "Kamikaze" TK-11778

Christopher Bailey "Chewy" TK-66402

Paul Wilde "BritBulldog" TK-22610

Oscar Gonzalez "Bloodwalker" TK-61138


Centurion Award:



Mike Kreamer "Nukem25rs" TK-71508

Robert Forster "Moofmilker" TK-31666

Harald Suele "Garraxo" TK-16468

Timothy Jones "TeaJay" TK-12864

Randy Abramson "Magni" TK-16127


Stand tall and be proud of what you have achieved troopers. You will now be deployed into the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment Advanced Tactics Roster.


May you be an inspiration and beacon for aspiring troopers who want to look the best!


Make us proud troopers!

The FISD is always looking for new applicants for our Advanced Tactics program so please do not hesitate to apply if you meet the standards! Our Deployment Officer and armorers are here to help and guide you through to success!

Feel like your armor is up to standards and worth of recognition? Apply for the Expert Infantry Badge Program now!

Want to go the extra mile, raise the standards of Stormtrooper armor, and be the envy of your peers? Apply for the Centurion Program now!

Note: Applicants need to be EIB approved before applying for Centurion.


With Unquestioned Loyalty,

Evan Loh
TK-24127 "Holnave"

FISD Public Relations Officer



Don't Forget We're on Facebook and Twitter!

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Twitter: www.twitter.com/FISD501st or @FISD501st
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Instagram: www.instagram.com/501stfisd

With Unquestioned Loyalty,

Evan Loh
TK-24127 "Holnave"
FISD Public Relations Officer

On behalf of the 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment Command Staff and the Imperial Propaganda Department,

<End Transmission>

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So good I read it twice! ;):duim:

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It is obvious that each of you has twice the thirst for Detachment news and knowledge that the average member has!  ;)

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Thanks for posting the story about TJ.


I am one of the lucky ones that had him help me with my armor.  Even though we were from the same town, I first met him here on FISD.

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Again, another great read, thank you to all that put in the time and effort to bring us these newsletters, I always look forward to kicking back and take my time to read every line.



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Finally had the chance to read - love it! Truly many sincere thanks to you all for the hard work and dedication that goes into making these newsletters happen every month.

You Troopers rock !

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