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CFO ESB MKII stormtrooper helmet.


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I thought I'd share what I made in my new workshop. I've been meaning to do this helmet for some years but just not had the space to finish the moulds. Now I have. This was a flat sheet of plastic a few days ago. So using my Formech 660 vacuum former I set to work.


Just did a quick assembly today. Still a couple of teething problems but definitely getting there.


This was cast from JoeR's ESB MKII helmet.


CFO ESB Mkii Stormtrooper helmet. No.1. Enjoy.







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Wow! A never before seen stormtrooper helmet posted on a Stormtrooper forum and two comments. Lol. I remember when people got excited about new replicas that are cast from original helmets. <br><br>

Oh well. <br><br>

Thanks for your comments guys.

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I didn't realise when I saw these on FB they had heritage!  Is that carbon chaber shot the one it's traced back to?


edit: just relised that was posted by some one else  :blush:


Have you been able to screen match the origional at all?

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I've started down a rabbit hole...This is going to end expensively isn't it.


Looking at the few images I've found only this Mk2 is build in a sort of hybrid ESB//ROTJ way ie no ear screws.  That last detail is interesting as it would mean it would fail at ESB level clearance.  Seeing as I now want one of these I'll have to start digging up some more reference images.

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