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  1. Looking great!! You still got to paint your soles white tho! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Contact Sskunky here on FISD or CfO- Cast from Original on facebook. He's the right guy for these ROtJ rubber trims!
  3. Hey there! The firehose I bought them from some local internet stores and they comes in all sizes and the price is quite cheap actually! All I had to do is to cut them up in the right width and sew em. I still got a whole roll of firehose left here lol...
  4. Can I get in the line for one helmet? for real lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. And I was just looking into the Mk2 variants days ago.. My purse is ready....
  6. Stunning as always... Ill do the same to my Rotj one day... one day lol..
  7. The guy selling TK Armour is David Ashcroft... I had a shadow from him before and it was... not a good experience indeed Recently he has new armor mold and I havent seen it yet in person
  8. If you are talking about the fan system, I bought two mini computer cooling fans and connect them to a panel. The air conditioner I talked about was the venue's air con!
  9. Managed to survive under the air conditioner! Installed two fans in my bucket to keep it ventilated and cool!
  10. Thanks man!! Will go for Centurion for sure once its updated in my profile!! Looking through the lenses was weird as hell at the beginning but I eventually got used to it haha!!! (cheeky eyes)
  11. Test Trooped today, nothing really fell off and feels quite well! Got a new pair of TK boots from fellow members and still needa paint the soles white..Let me know what you think!
  12. I made the same mistake as well and corrected it now!! Looks okay to me!
  13. Re-riveted the ammo belt in the right position thanks to Paul's advice... and narrowed the thighs and trimmed to a better shape
  14. Thank you so much for your detailed advice !!! I will definitely cut off more to make the arms fit better! For the thighs, I have added paddings to fit in, it feels ok but dunno will it affect approval or anything.. And the edges of the thighs are currently untouched just yet.. Surely will trim them cleaner! About the shoulder bells they are floating around so I added elastics to the chest to prevent them from moving around... but looking from the back its kinda weird.. (looks like they are pulled too much to the front) Any suggestions on how to fix them?
  15. Internal strappings and stuffs... Test fitted again today..Feels a lot better!! Still some tweaks to go.. Im aiming for Centurion... so any comments and advice are welcomed!!! The boots have to go.. its a bit too big
  16. Made some adjustment... does it look betta? Or need to trim more?
  17. Thought so too!! But when I fully wore it, it seems like the belt front is hanging too high ... or maybe the chest plate too low? The abs buttons are almost covered up Any suggestions about this? http://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160726/d27097c4dded2d6cd12cabf5e64e3631.jpg
  18. Did a lot today... Cut out abs and made be inner dropboxes... Belt fixed... everything seems well so far... but I think I want to lower the belt for a bit after fitting.. I think I needa lower the belt definitely... Anyone knows how to remove a rivet? :/ 從我的iPhone使用Tapatalk 發送
  19. Coming along nicely... Very detailed build I must say I studied from your thread as well before I start my own build, helped out a lot!
  20. Done quite a lot today as well!! Im going for a speedy and accurate build so hopefully I can get it done within this week!! Many thanks again to Mark from CFO who has been staying with me and giving advice all the time!! And also thanks to build threads like Disco's and K@nne's who gave me a large amount of prep work to do before building! Body part Since Im a thin trooper, the ROTJ fits me quite well without too much adjustment But the Shoulder straps are giving me headache since the its ribbed in shape the Velcros are having difficulties fixing to the back (even after I gave them a hot bath and bended!) Any advice out there? My girlfriend is having fun with the bucket as well (yep thats a SpecOps tee!) Arms trimmed and strapped... Repaintes the buttons on the Abdomen and yea...Strapped a bit alrdy. The Stelmax is really some hardcore stuff and amazingly helpful!!! Armor so far for today.... The blaster is almost ready as well!! Update soon
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