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Hand Made First Order TK

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Upgrade time!


Since TFA came out, it's been annoying me that the kill stripes on my bucket don't angle forward like the real bucket. Also wasn't happy with the asymmetry of my stripes due to then being hand sculpted. Using 123D, I created a simple model and had a squad mate 3D print it for me. I plan on cutting out the original stripes and securing this piece in its place.



I also want to add more of a radius along the ridge by the stripes.


Finally I haven't been happy with the fact that my beak sticks out a bit more than the real bucket which seems to pucker in below the eyes a bit more.


Hopefully, this will really dial my design in with the screen used version!

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Major progress today thanks to the armor party at our squad's "TK sweatshop"! Thanks everybody for the extra hands and guidance.


I'm holding what I can together just to see how it's coming along! I'm super pleased with how it's looking!


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Abs, cod, buttplate, forearms and biceps are now ready for paint! Wish the weather would cooperate!


Gaskets are all trimmed and ready for attachment points. Holster bracket is trimmed and ready go secure to thigh. "Boxes" on left shin are trimmed and ready to secure. Thermal det is pretty much done. Little filler work and need to attach a "clip" to top for securing to back of abs.


I think I've got the chest all figured out now as well! I'm getting so close I can taste it!!!

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Nice job! Glad to see you are addressing some of the small details! This is the mark is a good craftsman and maker. Always improving and making a better product!

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More clean-up! Finally happy with how the chest is coming together!



Thighs are pretty much done and holster/bracket is ready to be secured (just waiting on Amazon to deliver more Plastic Welder).



Shins need more clean-up, but definitely getting there!



Also carved in several of the details with my handy needle file!



Finally, I poured up molds for my greeblies. I opted to ditch the ones that came with the kit and scaled my bucket greeblies so they would all match. Will post pics once I pour up a batch!

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