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Hand Made First Order TK

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Figured it was time I throw my hat in the ring for the First Order TK I've been working on. I started this shortly after the new TKs were debuted at Celebration.


Decided to tackle this as a Pep build. The file I was working from was okay, but the dimensions were way off.



After resin coat was down and initial bondo was started, realized this was gonna take some fine tuning and a LOT of bondo!



I got the general shape done and started to apply detailing.



To apply the hex mesh, I removed the beak and had to patch the hole.



I was able to 3D print a hex mesh in PLA.



Finally have started to carve the goggles and have begun clean-up and final detailing.





Looking forward to some feedback.

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The craftsmanship of the members here never ceases to amaze me.


If you decide to do a run, count me in. It would be nice to be able to use my heavy fiberglass ANOVOS FO TK lid as a display piece, and have a lighter (and frankly, more durable) lid to troop with.

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One of the best helmet sculpt I seen :)


Wow! Thanks alot! I really appreciate that! This has been a labor of love (and aggravation)! I'd love to be able to get this to pass 501st approval standards and be able to troop in my own hand made TK, so it says alot that everyone has been so positive on my progress thus far!

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