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  1. Yeah. I'm keeping an eye out for rubber gaskets, too. Lemme know which cod you get. If it's a TLJ, I'll hit KB up for one
  2. Does the KB kit have a TLJ cod in it? I know you said you're going Centurion, and so am I. I've got one of his older kits, so if he's offering the TLJ style cods, I'll hit him up. I ready doubled up on his stuff to make an Executioner, too
  3. Requesting 501st access. Currently building a FOTK. SL-65832 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=19241
  4. I just ordered a KB TLJ bucket if you wanna do a side by side comparison at some point. I'm still thinking build party at MakerFX......
  5. That sounds like a plan. And as soon as I looked at that picture, I thought to myself "Wait. That's the wrong arm." Lol.
  6. Okay. Here's a little bit of what I have so far. Boots (Imperial Boots) Neck seal Pouches Yoke Forearms (left) and gloves (Imperial Boots) I've he the right forearm put together, but the inner box popped off. Or maybe this is the right one. Couldn't remember which side the black box goes on because it's late..... Test fit the ab section, and thanks to the weight loss I don't have to shim it anymore. Shouldn't have to shim the yoke/chest either. I had to on my FO TIE, but I wound up cutting the shims off in April because it was waaaay too big. Shoulder bells are also done. Just didn't get a picture yet. Anyone know if the Jimmi or Anovos decal sheets on Trooperbay will work with her KB armor?
  7. Is he wearing a regular FOTK or the Captain armor? From the book descriptions, it sounds like it's the same armor as Phasma's, just red instead of chrome. It's MOSTLY the same. IIRC, the cod is different (Flametrooper instead, but KB makes those, too) and individual finger armor.
  8. Well, I've been sitting on this kit pretty much since KB started making them. Like January of 2016. Life happens, and now I think I'm FINALLY going to give it a real go. I'm on vacation, I've got no place to go, so let's do this thing. I'm sitting on the old version of the thighs and the chest, so once KB gets his white ABS supply issues sorted, I plan on getting the upgraded chest and thighs. Chest just makes it easier, and the thighs make it approvable. The old thighs are pretty short on me. I've got almost all the pieces I need. Just need to actually DO it. So, here's what I've got: Armor: KB Props Helmet: KB Props and Greg Mitchell (I like Greg's better because it's a little bit bigger, and my noggin fits in it better) Metal holster from R2Dan Gloves: Imperial Boots Boots: Imperial Boots Neck Seal: Christy Giles (She did my FO TIE one as well) Gaskets: Imperial Gaskets (cloth, because Florida) Pouches: I got them from someone on here....sorry, don't remember who Blaster: Anovos F-11D (supposed to be shipping Winter 2017, I'm not planning on seeing it until Episode X) I've already built a KB Props FO TIE, so the forearms, yoke, back, chest and shoulders are pretty much the same. Also, looking at the CRL, looks like it's not all seamless anymore. Yay. Less to Bondo. Eventually, I'll get a TLJ bucket (I like the new teeth), maybe two and paint one Executioner style. KB has an "Executioner upgrade kit," and since I'm a competitionist, I'll probably get that, too. Other than that, I also need to get another SE-44C (mine is painted TIE style), and I'll likely get a pauldron and the vest for Heavy Weapons. Might as well get the shield and riot baton along with the heavy weapons blaster, too. Did I mention I was a completionist? Anyway, I've already got the KB helmet painted, but it's more or less my kid's helmet for now. Too small for me. I've got the yoke and back put together, but I'm going to wait on the new chest. The shoulder bells are done, but I haven't done the straps yet. I did ukswrath's shoulder reinforcement on my FO TIE, but it's kind of overkill. I've got the metal plates already cut and shaped, so I might as well on this one, too. And I've got the forearms put together. I was kind of doing this along with the TIE. Figured since they were the same, I might as well. Plan on mostly following Tony's thread here, but there are a lot of differences between the Anovos and the KB kits, so it gets a little different. Lots of guys in my local squad have built KB kits, though, so I've got some good resources there WHEN I run into a brick wall. Like the thermal detonator (shudder). Not sure if I'm going to cut things out and back it with black gaffer tape (I did on the TIE, not that you can really tell) or use stickers. I know TrooperBay has a sticker set for the Jimmi kit, but I don't know if those will work for the KB kit or not. Just trying to wrap my head around things before I dive in and cut (literally) too deep.
  9. So, I've got all the materials for this, but I don't have a set of gaskets to use as a starter point. How would you use a long sleeve t-shirt as a template instead?
  10. Looking good! I've got about a 5 month wait it looks like on my gaskets, so no rush for me. You've gotten a lot done since the armor party!
  11. Damn. Okay. I'll go back and fix that mess when I can get on a device OTHER then my phone and iPad. :/
  12. Okay. So I started working on the helmet tonight. ---------------------
  13. AFAIK WampaWear isn't doing First Order TIE gloves yet. Same with the flight suits. He's looking into it, though. That's where I got my original trilogy TIE stuff, though, and I love those
  14. Crow Props makes a good flight suit and boots, but his suit is in the $200 range. It's the one most of us working on the build right now are using. Gloves has been the thing I've been stuck on. Look like a form or tactical or MMA gloves. Lots of close but not quite right so far.
  15. I've got some stuff from making my TIE armor. The Dremel and I are close friends now. Also have a sander and an okay X-acto knife. Might have to get some Lexan scissors or something like that. Test fitting most of the stuff, I might not have to trim much. Likely have to shim the abdomen.
  16. Got the kit off the main 501st boards. Now, reading through some of the Anovos build threads, I'm REALLY glad this kit came pre-trimmed.
  17. Yep. Bringing it with me. Just trying to figure out what else to bring other than my Dremel right now.
  18. Got my big brown box of armor today! Here's the armor:
  19. I'm about your size (before the running and working out hopefully helps) an I'm going with the AM 2.0 armor as well.
  20. Ya know, as a former baggage handler, I have something to say about that.... He's absolutely right. Some guys I seriously thought they saw "Fragile" on something, and they thought it meant "Throw harder." If you do wind up checking it, call the airline's customer service line to find out what their policy is on insurance. Most have an assumed dollar amount per person per bag that they'll cover. Some will also exempt liability on some items. I know my airline you can buy extra insurance on top of what's already assumed, but I would call just to be on the safe side and make sure you understand the policy. Makes it easier on the other end if something actually DOES happen.
  21. So, THIS is out now: Looks like some kind of Aquatrooper or something. I know the HWT we've got is from a previous version of the game, but this one looks pretty cool, too. Looks like a different take on the HWT with a SCUBA type pack, drop boxes and some shin type attachments.
  22. Some of the guys I've talked to the back is fine now, but the chest still needs work. I'm not a Centurion expert, so I can't tell by looking at the pics above.
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