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  1. I'm in Ontario, generally I think the law is more of a common sense type of thing for replica weapons, but I might be mistaking, been a while since I've looked at laws
  2. Kinda new with shipping out of country, would something like FedEx work to Canada?
  3. Hey guys, just got a question about using Original Stormtrooper.com for my armour, I know generally ANOVOS is the better option but it would require a lot less shopping at something like 10 different locations, anyways let me know what you guys think, there are some videos on YouTube as well with the Original Stormtrooper armour and to the untrained eye it actually looks fairly decent <a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href='http://www.originalstormtrooper.com/original-stormtrooper-armour--standard-helmet-combo-deal-207-p.asp'>http://www.originalstormtrooper.com/original-stormtrooper-armour--standard-helmet-combo-deal-207-p.asp</a>
  4. From the prices I've seen on your website they look very nice, I would have no problem purchasing one as long as it was able to ship with minimal problems from CBSAs end
  5. Well I would most definitely be interested even just as a collectable for now, have you decided on a price?
  6. If I had an FO defiantly something I might be interested in, are you offering to sell or just as a one time thing?
  7. Just look at the costume pricing alone for the ANOVOS FOTK it seems like almost all that price is used for labour, a but expensive for me cause with the Canadian dollar as it is now I would be sitting at 9 grand plus taxes, customs fees, and all that stuff
  8. Ok not 100% topic related but the smallest details that you guys pour over and can see is just incredible, I've been in the Air Cadets for 3 years and I can't see that little details
  9. Alright then, all I need to do is keep watching the ANOVOS page like a hawk and I'll be set
  10. Tony would you recommend the premier line helmet based on feel alone or quality as well
  11. I love how well that turned out, wish I had the great amount of skill you have
  12. Seems like ANOVOS has been coming out with a lot of new things, from Han Solo to Kylo Ren to the Premier line buckets, when do you guys think we are going to see some armour, as well which bucket would be better for troop in, FO standard line or Premier line?
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