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TK-27883 Requesting ESB Stunt Centurion Status[TM][129]

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Here I am as promised :-)


Here's my Expert Infantry Thread: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/27880-tk27883-requesting-esb-stunt-eib-statustm396/


And here my Build Thread for reference/additional details: http://www.whitearmo...tle#entry307537




Armor Maker = TM

Helmet Maker = TM
Blaster Type = RS Props Resin recast
Height = 177cm
Boots Maker = TKboots
Canvas belt = TM accurate
Holster Maker = TM
Following, the requested pictures:













Ab/Kidney Attachment – Button Orientation - Butt/Kidney - Cod and Butt Plate Attachment - Back/Chest Connection




Hand Plates



Shoulder Bridge - Back/Chest Connection




Thigh Pack Attachment



Knee Plate 



Drop Box Back - Holster Attachment



Helmet Front



Helmet Back



Helmet Left



Helmet Right



Helmet Lense Color









Neck Seal



Finally we got it :-) a lot of pictures but I hope I posted all requested. Now crossing fingers!



Thank you all for your gread job! Please keep on supporing and motivating us through awesome additions like this.






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And here we go :-) hope the return edge fits







I hope these pictures are detailled enough.


Here are the adjusted pics you requested. I hope I understood what you meant :-)


Adjusted Forearms




Rear butt plate



I am awaiting your judgement!






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The build is great - though I'm sorry to see you're getting a lot of smudging from your holster.  I've never seen that before - what happened there?

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The build is great - though I'm sorry to see you're getting a lot of smudging from your holster.  I've never seen that before - what happened there?

I wonder if it is the material of the holster? I've seen this before and I believe it was a TM holster as well but I could be wrong. It should come off with a magic eraser, those things seems to remove everything!
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Dear you


First of all, thx for all your hints. Indeed my holster is from troopermaster and it lost the most of its losable color already :-) I guess. Now I have to say that I pretty much like it as much as I like the weathering look of clothing. It has a bit of the used look so I think I will keep it unless I am forced to change it.


I like my armor and I have just been to a mall on Saturday with 30 other legionairs. That is almost the biggest thing I could ask for and the people in Germany are celebrating us as much as everywhere else in the world. With all funny questions like:"is it hot down there?"^^

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Hey Christoph! IT was inevitable that a Centurion application was going to come. So let's take a look at your armor!!!


CRL and Centurion Application Requirements:

We are a breath away from your Centurion here!!  When applying for Centurion (or any badge) there is a checklist of photos that I need to see. Check the list, post the pic, check it off the list. I took the liberty of going back to your EIB application and retrieving the missing hovi tip close-up and missing thermal detonator pics and posting it to your application. There is one more that I am going to ask you to take. It is not missing but the detail that I need to see....I can't. I'll explain. I have asked to have this updated, but the picture of the cod/butt plate attachments should show the outside. The detail here is whether or not this hardware is painted. It should not be. I looked back on your build thread and your EIB to see if this shows anywhere and it doesn't. So please post a quick pic of this and we'll be good on pics.

The only thing regarding your build that should be corrected is a 5 minute fix. The opening of the forearms at the wrist needs to be flat all the way around following the complete contour of the wrist opening including up into the raised ridges of the butt joint and the square indent ridge. You can see that here on all these original forearms:post-12041-0-82558100-1406393264_thumb.jpg

Address the cod hardware pic and the wrist openings and you are there, Sir!!!


Other-Armor Fit/Assembly:

Since Centurion applications show more details than EIB, this section is available to mention more points to improve the overall look of your armor. With your awesome attention to detail, there aren't too many points to mention here!! 

Your holster smudging seems to be a popular topic. I, too, get that on my thigh with my ANH holster. It might just be the type of leather used. We just don't see it too often because usually people post pics prior to field service. You have already been in the trenches. I think your "bruising" adds character and I'm not too concerned with it. Standard automotive rubbing compound or Novus will remove it instantly while polishing your armor at the same time. IF removing it is something you want to do. 

The next suggestion I wanted to make is in regards to the extra fraying you have going in the holster loop area of your belt. Alex has this same issue and although kind of cool looking, if it gets out of control, it could fray to the point that the belt structure could be compromised if it reaches the stitching. If you wanted to, you could mix up some diluted all purpose white glue or fabric glue and brush it onto the belt edges. Because of the nature of the material, it won't totally cure the issue, but it will greatly reduce it. 


Thank you for your service already accomplished. Your armor is outstanding and with 10 extra minutes, it will be Centurion!!!

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Hey Steve


I just added the forearm pictures above to the post with the old forearm pictures so you can compare them better. The belt is really nice and it loses more and more threads as you mentioned. I am really thankful for all the work you put in helping me and my budies to make our armor as perfect as possible. I am really looking foreward to you answer and judgement. 


Please feel free to contact me anytime!






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AWESOME!!!!! That is absolute!!! Love it!

Thank you so much for working with me on this! These little details brings your armor one step higher. Well done, Sir!

Congratulations on earning your Centurion badge!!! Your Garrison should be proud!

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To have that red batch down there on all my posts is really something special! Thank you all for your support and your patience^^ 



I will do all I can to even improve my armor so you can be proud of me and I will wear this batch in honor!




very kind regards




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