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  1. Really Awesome!! I welcome thee :-) and an additional thanks to all of you for your time and effort! I really appreciate!
  2. Outstanding! To have that red batch down there on all my posts is really something special! Thank you all for your support and your patience^^ I will do all I can to even improve my armor so you can be proud of me and I will wear this batch in honor! very kind regards Chris
  3. Awesome! I am so happy you made it :-) a long work finally pays off. Congrats!
  4. Hey Steve I just added the forearm pictures above to the post with the old forearm pictures so you can compare them better. The belt is really nice and it loses more and more threads as you mentioned. I am really thankful for all the work you put in helping me and my budies to make our armor as perfect as possible. I am really looking foreward to you answer and judgement. Please feel free to contact me anytime! regards Chris
  5. Dear you First of all, thx for all your hints. Indeed my holster is from troopermaster and it lost the most of its losable color already :-) I guess. Now I have to say that I pretty much like it as much as I like the weathering look of clothing. It has a bit of the used look so I think I will keep it unless I am forced to change it. I like my armor and I have just been to a mall on Saturday with 30 other legionairs. That is almost the biggest thing I could ask for and the people in Germany are celebrating us as much as everywhere else in the world. With all funny questions like:"is it hot down there?"^^
  6. And here we go :-) hope the return edge fits I hope these pictures are detailled enough. Here are the adjusted pics you requested. I hope I understood what you meant :-) Adjusted Forearms Rear butt plate I am awaiting your judgement! Greetings Chris
  7. Hi Here I am as promised :-) Here's my Expert Infantry Thread: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/27880-tk27883-requesting-esb-stunt-eib-statustm396/ And here my Build Thread for reference/additional details: http://www.whitearmo...tle#entry307537 Stats: Armor Maker = TM Helmet Maker = TM Blaster Type = RS Props Resin recast Height = 177cm Boots Maker = TKboots Canvas belt = TM accurate Holster Maker = TM Following, the requested pictures: Front: Back: Left: Right: Ab/Kidney Attachment – Button Orientation - Butt/Kidney - Cod and Butt Plate Attachment - Back/Chest Connection Hand Plates Shoulder Bridge - Back/Chest Connection Thigh Pack Attachment Knee Plate Drop Box Back - Holster Attachment Helmet Front Helmet Back Helmet Left Helmet Right Helmet Lense Color S-Trim Blaster Neck Seal Finally we got it :-) a lot of pictures but I hope I posted all requested. Now crossing fingers! Thank you all for your gread job! Please keep on supporing and motivating us through awesome additions like this. Regards Chris
  8. Awesome! Thank you so much for that award! I appreciate it so much! The imperial dental floss was really hard to get but I made it^^ Patrick's mansion has all you need for armor care ;-) Centurion application is in process :-)
  9. And finally we came to shoot the requested pics. I am so excited!! lesser gap Remastered Helmet Hovi tip details Please let me know if you have any questions. I am really looking forward!! Greetings Chris
  10. I especially prefere the story of the Elephant stuffed with dumplings! A really remarkable meal!
  11. Dear Steve Thank you a lot for your detailed feedback. I will add the pictures you requested after removing the lacks of my armor. Here's what I will fix: 1. Removing the paint between the teeth. You're right I made it mistakely wrong and will now remove it. 2. The gap on my right torso side can be accused to my love for great food^^ I will tighten up the belt next time and definately lower my hip a bit^^ 3. Add all pictures needed A question to the rank bars on my ears. I painted them according to some pictures of the original ESB helmets like this one from starwarshelmets.com. I just wanted to double check first before I change the bars. So far, thank you for all your help. I will do my very best do make you all proud of me and to call an astonishing trooper my own. Regards Chris
  12. Hi Folks Thanks for your Information. I guess the attached picture shows a Pugman blaster.
  13. Hi Brian Thx for that hint. It definately Looks a bit too battert otherwise it would pass as battle damage :-) Let me tell you I am very happy to be part of that awesome group of people. regards Chris
  14. Requesting EIB Status on my first armor. Build Thread for reference/additional details: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/24066-another-esb-tm-for-the-german-garrison/?hl=%2Bfront%26amp%3B%238208a%26amp%3B%238208little#entry307537 Stats: Armor Maker = TM Helmet Maker = TM Blaster Type = RS Props Resin recast Height = 177cm Boots Maker = TKboots Canvas belt = TM accurate Holster Maker = TM Full Body Armor Details I hope this pic is sufficient to deal as an action shot. Helmet Details Blaster Acessory Details Thank you for supporting such a great Hobby! Chris
  15. Please enable me for TK27883 for 501st Status http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=16053 Thx Chris
  16. Hi everyone We had a discussion about some details of the thermal detonator yesterday and hopefully someone can help us out. We wondered about our detonator face because it was more bumpy then usual. Then we realized that it is maybe a sandtrooper mortar tube face plate. I attached some pictures for a better understanding. I appriciate every discussion about that. Greetings from Germany Chris
  17. Thanks to you guys. I am looking forward to wear it! Great feeling :-)
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