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TK-7961 Requesting 2nd ESB Stunt EIB Status [APPROVED] 2nd

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Requesting EIB Status on my second armor.

Build Thread for reference/additional details: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/20926-tk7961s-tm-esb-build/



Armor Maker = TM
Helmet Maker = RS
Blaster Type = Scratch built by TI 6815 of the German Garrison
Height = 173cm
Boots Maker = TKboots
Canvas belt = TM 
Holster Maker = TM


Full Body








Armor Details 
Helmet Details
Blaster Details
Accessory Details 
Is this any good for an action shot ?
Thanks in advance for rating / judging. Cheers,
Patrick / TK7961


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Alright Patrick! Wonderful armor build! Wow! I am glad your combination of the RS helmet with the TM armor matched well. Let's look at your armor!


CRL and EIB Application Requirements:

All require photo submissions posted. Your armor meets all the requirements for EIB. With that I would like to congratulate you on your approval of this armor for EIB. Since you are already EIB approved I can't assign you an additional number but I will update your approvals on your profile.


Other-Armor Fit/Assembly:

In this section we look at your build overall and comment on things that will not affect your applications but can go toward improving the overall look of your armor.

Some things to note: Nice bracket upgrade. I LOVE...not like...LOVE your neckseal. Is there anything you want to share about how you have an accurate belt without frays??? Well done!

Some guys don't prefer a lot of weathering on their blasters. However a little can go along way to adding depth and realism to it. If you added a bit of silver to the underside of the trigger group like this:post-12041-0-67109900-1405098878_thumb.jpg It would really pop. But that is your choice. Also, a little black marker or paint on your thermal detonator screws will also add to the accuracy factor. And yes....your dramatic lightning action shot will do well! It did pick up one detail I will mention next.


Centurion Suggestions:

One things that might catch the eye of a Centurion is the slight overlap of your backplate on the right side. In my opinion, this does fall into the category of "slight" so I am not requiring repair here unless that is something you want to adjust. However, one thing you will need to adjust is to remove all return edge into the wrist opening of your forearms. This included into the square indent and cover strip ridges. Make sure that if this is showing in any photos on your Centurion application that you re-take those pics. 

Nice work on this build and congratulations on the approval!

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Thank you, gentlemen.

On the belt that does not fray: I think it's because it isn't one of the 100% accurate multi-layer-belts TM makes today. I got this armor 2 years ago actually.

Thought about upgrading to a new belt but I'd have to remove the rivets from the belt armor, a lot of potential for damage.


Gazmosis, thanks again for reviewing my armor. I'm going to remove the mentioned return edges and update the pictures in my Centurion thread. Will try to adjust the backplate to show some gap between the kidney plate this time.

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Like I said, the kidney to back seam is acceptable like you have it. If you want to adjust it, good on ya! Just make sure it remains a seam not a gap!  Your belt looks great. I was just wondering if you pulled some miracle.

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Really well done, mate....sry, I'm a bit late...but hey...better too late than never, eh :lol:

Congratulation to the EIB status :salute:   ...for the 2nd B)

Edit: I like the gear combi ;)

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