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  1. I just wanted to share a little project we did in the Florida Garrison, Makaze squad for our annual Clermont Christmas parade.
  2. Nice job on the build! Glad to see more ESB's going for Centurion.
  3. nice build! i like seeing more ESB's T-Kittle makes great belts that do not fray!
  4. Looks great, best action shot yet! just curious Are the drop boxes a little thin? Also are the clips on the TD too close to the end caps? (probably more for Centurion)
  5. great pics! I love the Zam! My wife is looking in to making one. If at all possible I would love to get some info from Mrs. Lansky for my wife. If anyone can help me out with this please PM me! Thanks!!
  6. He is proud of it. He is going to debut it at Mega Con tomorrow.
  7. looks good, the only thing I can suggest is on your sniper knee plate the end should be cut straight about 1 1/8" from the original edge.
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