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  1. not at all. this is what armor parties are for, to work on things if you have them or just learn if you don't! pm me for the address.
  2. TK SWEATSHOP ARMOR PARTY venue; TK Sweatshop venue address; PM me event start; 12pm event end; 8-9pm This Saturday on the 10th from noon til 8-9pm here at the TK Sweatshop in Clermont we will be hosting an armor party. Bring your gear, tools, materials or just yourselves and anything specific you may want to drink. We will have plenty of water and other beverages and some snacks. It will be in the garage and we will have the canopy set up as well in the driveway again. You can work on something, help out, or just come and observe. We are a family friendly sweatshop with a big black lab, but he is a gentle giant.
  3. Welcome Alicia! Hope to see you out at the TK Sweatshop here in Clermont to meet some of the Makaze family on the 20th of this month! If you have'nt already got it and plan on attending PM me for the address.
  4. ARMOR PARTY! We are going to be hosting an armor party here at the TK Sweatshop in Clermont, FL in two weeks on Saturday May 20th. from noon til 8-9pm If you have something to work on bring it and whatever tools and materials you have. If you just want to come and help out, awesome! If you just want to come and hang out and meet people, come on out! This is the week before Megacon so if you need to work on your con costumes you can do that too. We will have plenty of water and space and probably some snacks. So come out and get something done or just have a good time! If you need the Sweatshop's new address PM me!
  5. I just wanted to share a little project we did in the Florida Garrison, Makaze squad for our annual Clermont Christmas parade.
  6. welcome aboard! KB first order kits are available here on the boards!
  7. TK sweatshop armor party! We will be having an armor party Sunday the 4th @ 12:30pm here at the Sweatshop in Clermont,Fl. Bring your armor, tools, glue, snaps, soft parts or whatever else you think you may need to work on your costume! Or just bring yourself and observe or help out. Bring any specific beverage you may want (alcoholic or non). Park on the side street to the right of the house. If you need the address PM me
  8. ARMOR PARTY Next Sunday @ 1pm we will be having another armor party here at the sweatshop. Bring your tools, glue,clamps,armor, soft costume parts and whatever else you may need to work on or finish up your costumes. If you don't have anything to work on and just want to help out or come hang out and see what it's all about that's fine too. It will probably feel like Mustafar again so we will be inside. It's a little cooler in the shop than outside. If you don't already have the address or my number, PM me Please post up here if you plan on attending.
  9. HELLO NEWBIES!! !!!!ARMOR PARTY!!!! We will be having another armor party on June 26th starting at 1:00 here @ the TK Sweatshop in Clermont, Fl! Bring your costumes, tools, supplies and whatever specific beverage you may want to consume pm me for the address if you do not already have it. Please post up if you are attending
  10. We are hosting another AP here at the TK Sweatshop on Sunday 5/15 @ 1PM Bring your armor or whatever other costume you nee to work on along with any tools you may have, materials, and whatever specific drinks you may want. Don't forget your boots and compression wear if you are to that point! Let's get those costumes done before Mega Con! ADDRESS; 1114 W Lakeshore Dr. Clermont, Fl 34711 PHONE # (407) - 860 - 5997 POST UP IF YOU'RE ATTENDING!
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