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TK-7961 Requesting ESB Stunt Centurion Status[128]

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Hey there,


here's my Expert Infantry Thread, but with an old armour, I was told once this was no problem. Hope this hasn't changed


here's my new Expert Infantry Thread for the current armor



My build thread



Infos according to checklist:

Armor Maker = TM

Helmet Maker = RS

Blaster Type = Built by TI 6815 of the German Garrison

Height = 173cm

Boots Maker = TKboots

Canvas Belt = TM

Holster Maker = TM


Pictures according to checklist. I'll just add the links so you can access the pics in full resolution for better details
















Ab/Kidney Attachment – Button Orientation - Butt/Kidney - Cod and Butt Plate Attachment - Back/Chest Connection 
Hand Plates 
Shoulder Bridge - Back/Chest Connection
Thigh Pack Attachment
Knee Plate 
Drop Box Back - Holster Attachment


Helmet Front



Helmet Back



Helmet Left



Helmet Right



Lens Color


Neck Seal
Hope that's it.
Thanks in advance for rating / judging. Cheers,
Patrick / TK7961
Was told in my EIB thread to fix a few things for Centurion level approval. Here are updated shots of my complete armor. Removed the return edges on the wrist area of both forearms, aligned the backplate correctly so the shoulder straps look afixed and the backplate doesn't overlap the kidney plate. Here we go:
Here are some close ups of the critical wrist areas (gang signs not intended)
As Curt Cobain of Nirvana once sang: "Rate me!"
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Hey Pat! Thank you for sharing your armor with us. However, even though you already have an EIB award, that award was based on a completely different set of armor. You will need to re-apply for an EIB clearance on this armor first then we can move on to Centurion. It looks like a great set of RS.

Second question is in regards to your photo links. It would make life easier for a lot of people if the pictures appeared in your post rather than links. You have a couple options to accomplish this: first, you can do what I did above. Open a second browser window and start your thread. Wherever you want a picture to be, go back to this thread and open the picture you want. Right click on the picture and a box will appear. Go to the bottom and left click on "properties". Another box will appear with the URL address. Highlight and copy that.

Go back to your new post and click on the image icon above the text box. A box will appear. Paste the copied URL into the box and hit "OK" when done. The picture will appear in your new thread.

The other means that might be easier is to use a photo host like photobucket. You can copy/paste pics directly from them. Please don't hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.

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Updated first post according to gazmosis' post, linked to new EIB request thread. Of course, this thread here should be on hold until EIB has been granted.

Sorry for all the confusion and thanks to gazmosis for his patience :)

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Hey Patrick! Looking good brother! Definitely clean up that thigh where the holster has been rubbing. Other than that the only things I notice is a slight bit of overlap of your back plate and kidney plate, the decal or "painted" area on your rear traps on your helmet don't fill in the entire space. Front traps could be a little larger also but maybe I'm just being too picky. Also see if you can get your belt a little tighter to eliminate or close the gaps on your sides towards the bottom. And you might want to switch your "S" trim on your helmet so the gap is under the vocoder so it doesn't show. Also if you plan for Centurion you will need the elastic bands on your shoulders (connecting bridges to back plate) Your bridges look a little high arched(when viewed from the sides) may or may not be an issue but it's something I noticed. And on your ear bumps it looks like you painted in between the bumps instead of painting the actual bumps.Good luck with your application! I wish you all the best! :jc_doublethumbup:


I realized after I posted that this was the Centurion section so I should have posted this in your EIB thread.

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Good morning,


thanks for your feedback, Zixx. The backplate gap is definitely a problem I fixed a while back. I assume it got blocked from sliding up a few centimeters by the neckseal. The shoulder straps also aligned better when I test-fitted them the first time. 

On the rank stripes on the ears and the elasitc to hold the shoulder straps down in the back: We're talking Empire Strikes Back here. Slight changes for the reused suits were made back in the days, for example the rank stripes being in between the bumps, as seen on this helmet:


(source: http://www.starwarshelmets.com/)


Also they didn't use the elastics to afix the back of the shoulder strap. Velcro or white tape are assumed but it should be okay if I can bend it all the way down to meet the backplate so it looks afixed.

Centurion Level CRLs on this topic:

"These shall be affixed in the back (no snaps, rivets or brads shall be visible).

Straps shall not have a white elastic band securing the shoulder straps to either the chest/back."

(source: http://www.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_esb)



Patrick / TK7961

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Yeah, the original decals used in the movie didn't really fill out all the space available either. As seen on this helmet, known as the "patch helmet".


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Hey Pat! Thank you for your Centurion application! Thanks again for your incredible building skills and your service to helping other troopers live their dreams! Your armor is a pleasure to look at and very inspiring!


CRL and Centurion Application Requirements:

All required photo submissions have been posted. Your upgrades and improvements have honed the look of your armor. Your trooping has given your armor a used look that gives it so much character. With that I would like to congratulate you and welcome you to Centurion!!!


I really have nothing further to ad. Did I tell you that you look good in your armor?


Nice work, Sir!

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