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    Born and raised in South Florida. General Manager for one of the largest and oldst family owned and operated Air Conditioning Contractor in our area. Married to my soul mate for almost 3 years. 4 kids Tyler #1(22) Tyler#2(21) Kim(18) and Riley(10). 3 cats 1 dog and a rabbit. Enjoy boating, fishing hunting, shooting making things go boom!

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  1. welcome!, take a ganders at the getting started section. It should help point you in the right direction.
  2. ok, this stuff works amazing!It came out just as if it were pulled from the molds.
  3. I ordered the stuff from trooperbay which should be here today. I found out by me keeping min in a suit case that has a plastic liner in it is most likely the cause. Ive been to cheap and busy to get a bin, which I will be getting now after I whiten it up. Ill post up some pics of the process.
  4. What an amazing time with this young fella! This is one that will be in both his and all of ours that trooped its memory banks forever. Last troop for Bearings with the Everglades(traitor;). j/k.
  5. thats next if what I am doing now doesnt work. Have all my armor strewn about my back patio soaking today, while Im at work. I feel like Ive locked a child in the car!
  6. I am dealing with this on my MTk armor but I troop at least once a month, outside in direct sunlight. I was told that you can use a 50/50 mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water, spray it on your armor, and let it sit out side in indirect sun light. Has anyone tried this as I am about to tomorrow. I ahve an important troop coming up saturday which will be on tv and I want to look my best.
  7. hey Erik, armor looks great. Hope to see you at some troops soon
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