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  1. Thanks all, pulled the trigger on a pre trimmed AP kit, ordered boots ( since I cannot locate mine as well as my darn blaster which I know I didnt sell!) and all my soft parts! Super excited!
  2. Good day folks. I have been out of the loop for a long time, too long so I am going to just consider myself a newbie at this point and get started. Been doing some reading and my have things changed in my absence! I used to sport a MTK kit that was 501st approved and an ATA kit that I never finished, sold both. Now I am ready to get back into it. Looking to do another ANH stunt I am so lost as far as who is who in this arena as far as armor goes, theres some new things that have popped up so I am basically re learning all this from scratch. Its good to be back.
  3. Im 6 foot in MTK armor, fits me just fine.-----------
  4. Is there any hopes of our anh's esb's or rotj's being modded to fit the crtieria of this? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I have been absent from class for a bit.
  5. Just an observation, is it me or do the frowns seem huge on the Anovos?
  6. My biggest peave is how my shoulders fit on me compared to other tk's. Any thoughts on it or is it just me? Its an MTK kit. I barely trimmed them too. I have the strap on them that goes around my bicep but no matter what, you cant see it. They just seem too small to me. Im on the right, bearings on the left for reference. -------
  7. I do a lot of troops at car shows and public areas solo. This was my first one was invited to troop the even, the cameras in the parking lot alerted the police to investigate, in which they did. Now I make it a point to introduce myself to the LEO's at these event, and let them inspect prior to me trooping. Most know me by name now but not a bad practice to get started on
  8. it hurts to sit for too long!
  9. got two for a troop Im doing friday. Im giving them to a high school friend who has become termially ill so him and his son can see. Im sure Ill watch it soon enough
  10. just did my 30th troop in Imperial Boots, love them more now than when I first put them on. Tight work Francois!
  11. I trooped 8 hours in mine, got nabbed in a video too, check it out. My wife is the zombie bride https://www.facebook.com/AOSLive/videos/936701289737453/
  12. Got involved with helping st this up and trooping it. last weekend was hot and I suffered a bit of heat exhaustion! Had a few others come out to play this time. I cant believe I missed this car there! ( pun intended) but he and I will be doing some private shoots with it soon.
  13. still trying here!!!!! Shes all into the Rebel legion stuff lol. I guess thats good.
  14. the old " missing your target crap" gets old lol. Last troop I was at was at a car show in hot south florida. There were girls walking around squirting people with squirt guns. One pointed it at me, I pointed my blaster at her, she said, you'd just miss anyways. I took from her and squirted her in the eye
  15. Polar


    My MTK would'nt have blasted apart like that, and yes Ive fallen flat on my a very impolite person in armor lol
  16. I will vouch for Francois credibility, mine originally got lost vis USPS and I panicked, he offered to send me another pair at no charge, just pay shipping. At the very last minute someone in my complex fessed up to having them and I cancelled. Not many people do that now adays. Im about 25 troops into mine and they are broken in very nicely. Kicking back at the office
  17. I almost got divorced due to trying to get my ears tighter lol
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