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TK Concept lightsaber


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Ok guy gonna disappoint some of you cos i dont know who made it.......i've been looking for a long time and bought it off a guy @ FX sabers. But the good news ......heres a link to a similar saber https://www.saberforge.com/elite-hilts/trooper-blade-lightsaber

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sabreforge has been marked as a bad seller on several forums.

I met him at wondercon 10 and he was nice enough, and the sabers were nice enough.

so I ordered, and waited right up until the paypal window for making a claim.


I made a claim for refund 40 days after ordering. which he said would take only

2 weeks. almost 5 weeks later I had my refund.

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just want to butt in here really quick and say that saberforge.. although the long wait (5 months) the saber is beautiful.. no issues with it either. if you like to wait i would highly recommend it over ultra saber for sure. craftsmanship is so much better. Its not the TK lightsaber, however it is white :) so on noncanon events i do weild it :)

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