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  1. Sorry for the necro post everyone but I finished my blaster today at last thanks to Andy's awesome cylinders http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/24179-screen-accurate-e11-power-cylinders/ Hope you like the finished result.
  2. Wow! Stunning work Andy. I wish this was how the cylinders appeared in the movie. I love how you can see all the amazing detail and hard work you have put in when they are unpainted but they will look fantastic painted too. You should be really proud of these mate
  3. Now that is an awesome pic! You would think that you was looking at the real thing.
  4. OH...MY.....GOD! Fantastic work! Those replica capacitors are unbelievable. Please put me down for my cylinders to have those fitted for the extra cost.
  5. Great progress pics. Can't wait to see more as they progress. Keep up the great work
  6. Amazing work on these Andy. I've never seen attention to detail like this on any replica EVER! For a project that you have obviously spent so much time researching and then to make these lovely cylinders by hand I'd be more than happy to pay £85. To be honest I wouldn't have been surprised if you had said that they was going to be more than that. I can't believe how many details you have incorporated that were previously unknown Can't wait for these to be on sale so I can finish my Sterling with the perfect cylinders! Well done Andy on a fantastic project
  7. Nothing to see here.

  8. Please could you give this thread a read (at the top in big letters) and give all the details and pictures needed for your EI submission. Many thanks. http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/19-request-expert-infantryman-status/
  9. Fantastic Really looking forward to seeing these amazing cylinders come together. Lovely work on the pedal too
  10. Yes Bennett, it's fine for us to use your first pic as an action shot
  11. Congratulations Gary. Looking great and thank you for the new action shot
  12. Good luck Gary. We will need a much more in focus action shot though please.
  13. So what other makes of armour would you like to see not allowed to be part of the centurion level appart from FX?
  14. So then if TM is more accurate than most kits with lineage that would mean it would make more sense to suggest to people to go the TM route rather than a "less accurate" lineage route which would kind of make the 'only screen lineage suit for centurion' suggestion redundant.
  15. I don't really see how that would work as TM would still be an exception to the the rule of 'only screen lineage'. Surely you can either have the rule or not have it.
  16. I totally agree. Pauls amazing work should not be excluded from such a program at all. But it does mean that the 'only screen heritage' rule would not be able to be put in place.
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