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  1. I expect you will not only need to leave off the butt plate, but to modify the upper legs, too. They are notorious for poking in your underbelly if one tries to climb stairs or tries to sit. And it might be a good idea to split the AB-Plate in two pieces. In my opinion sitting in a wheelchair shouldn't keep you from getting into the 501st as a TK.
  2. @Sly, I can offer you all the needed buckles (including the squad leader belt buckle) cast in heavy duty black rubber.
  3. Why? Just buy a helmet from Backstage Props ...
  4. Okay, if you don't go nuts with the price, you can put down my name for one helmet! (Sorry to rain on your parade ... really! I was just being nosey ...) This is by far the most superior interpretation of the Shoretrooper helmet. Every single detail seems to be spot on. (The vents in the face next to the snout appear to be a little oversized, but that's about it.) Great work!
  5. Terrific! What about the finished helmet on your website?
  6. The Aker is so cheap, I wouldn't look into any other venue ... It is tried and tested.
  7. Bone

    Rogue One

    "The general public can't even tell the difference between us and the dancing troopers on "Britain's Got Talent". Sad, but true ...
  8. Aah, so these "endcaps" are not a single unit, but are made up of two separate parts ... I see ...
  9. Both ideas may be too small ... I mean the items, not the ideas ... I think it maybe some kind of Quick coupling, either for air or water.
  10. Can anybody ID this part? It is not a standard garden hose fitting, because the diameter is way too small. I estimate the diameter to be between 1,7 and 2,5 centimeters. The part is found on the left side of the belt and looks like some kind of ammunition. Perhaps some hydraulic hose fitting or some kind of cable entry with strain relief?
  11. Wow! You opened three different threads with the same subject? You must be really excited! Welcome to the white zone.
  12. I am to late for the party, but just for the record, there are dedicated glues for PVC. They are white, melt the plastic together and are mainly used for installing PVC windows. Veeeery strong bond! I buid my whole suit with it and even glued in the strapping with that stuff ...
  13. Nobody mentioned your boots so far. If you go for centurion, the shoes you have are simply not correct. They are supposed to have no seams on the front part ... Apart from that, you did a great job! [edit] Also the return edges at the front of your lower arms (the wrist) need to be gone completely.
  14. You are talking 'bout different things ... Your status that everybody can see (starting with private as far as I know) depends on your number of posts. Correct. The rank you only find in your profile settings is dependant on the likes the others give you for sensible things you say in your posts. The advancement of these "ranks" is unknown to me ...
  15. Rather boring: Birth date with a zero stuck to the end (needed to be five digits). But sounds good when you rattle the ID out loud, in german and in english ...
  16. A good one is to sneak up behind the person who is taking the picture of their friends and/or family with members of our group. Most people feel rather secure, because they know the action is in front of their camera. You throw them completely off the track if you just stand behind them, waiting for the photo to be taken and then "control if they did it right". Instantly they themselves become the focus of attention, much to the enjoyment of the others ... Walking goofy and clowning around depends on the situation. If I stand around too long i get bored and need to do something differently. If there are smaller children I already have found myself doing silly dances with other cartoon walking acts. If the audience is more mature I walk around as if I own the place and then all of asudden break character and photobomb everyone who is not quick enough to get away. I also controlled popcorn and fizzy drinks for "imperial standards". (BTW, don't try that without costume!) So it all depends on my surroundings. But honestly, I see it as our duty to spread fun in a charming way and for me nothing is more boring than standing around doing nothing.
  17. Hey guys, sorry to sound silly, but why is the FO Trooper with the riot baton called "Traitor"? I would understand that nicknaming if he had the blood smear on the helmet like Finn, but in this case I just don't get it ... Am I missing something? Oh, and btw, nice photos! Looks like you had a lot of fun. Jealous!
  18. Mir kam auch als erstes troopermaster Paul in den Kopf. Er hat mal Ready-To-wears angeboten. Mach Dich bei Paul aber auf massive Wartezeiten gefasst ...
  19. Hi Tobias! Welcome to the white zone! What a huge undertaking for a first costume. You could have started with something easier ... Well, good luck and keep us updated about your progress.
  20. Don't want to bash the belgians, but if you take look at their 3D-models, you will quickly see that they are ... not good. Sometimes simply wrong, nearly all the time oversimplified. Also the low prices make me very suspicious ... Would like to see a photo of the final product. The photos they supply have nothing in common with their 3D-models ...
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