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Replica TM Luke Suit Jorney

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A while back i was talking to Gary and Billy of the UKG about me having a replica Luke suit i have always adored Luke's Stormtrooper suit and what with being a little bit ....... you get my drift :),i thought this would be quite aproprate ,so there was only one man for the job to get this so right in every detail TROOPERMASTER .so i contacted Paul and he was more than happy to make me a replica Luke suit,he contacted me to say he had this glossy 1.5mm abs which had the same screen look colour about it and flexable to this could not have come at a better time so i commisioned Paul to make the suit in this new abs :).


Then it was back and forward with pm's regarding some fine detail that Luke had on his suit the 360 degree of Luke's Torso that can be found on the BlueRay extra disk really helped out especialy when looking on how the chest and back plate were conected in which you can just work out that there are elastic straps there and white glued over them ;).


Some other fine detailing is on Luke's inner left thigh its like its been over trimmed Love it so that had to be on the replica ,also really thick drop boxes as per Luke's ,when i put the photo's up please have a look and spot other fine detail's ;).





Some progress photo's from Troopermaster :).











Photo's of Luke's belt assembley to follow and the story contuinues ;)

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Excellent, mate.

Congratulations. If the chest overlaps as freely as Luke's did, it could make for quite a comfy suit for bending over in and stuff. Watch how low the chest goes over his ab buttons in the trash compactor.

Looks like Paul's got it right; there looks to be quite a bit of slack on the strapping.

Most impressive project!

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@ Rich mate the suit arrived today from Paul and iam still in ore of it ,he has done a remarkable replica and that's why we all deep down know he is the best in this hobby thank you Paul :salute: ,so on my lunch break today i tryed all the suit on and everything fits perfect even the chest overlaping the abb buttons ;) the only adustment i have to do is trim 1 inch of the bottom's of the shins so i can walk a bit better and thats it ,hopfully get that done over the weekend then for some pose photo's ohh yes and just got to attach grabbling hook box to the belt .


And Boy the Luke Hero helmet :shok: is unbelivable :smiley-sw013: .


@ Paul copy that on the boots mate thank you as always :duim:

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Just popping to the PO now to send your original boots ;)

In case this slipped by you, ladies and gentlemen - THAT is how you make a replica suit go over the top. Those boots are insanely hard to find.

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Hi Guy's ,here is some pic's of my luke belt set Paul TM made the grappling hook box out of the same abs as the suit :salute: .


I have used one of EVO 3's Grappling Hooks and Comlink , and the switch is from a old 1970's Mini's dash board the closet i could scale it down to . , you never know it might have been the switch they used :0Lighten:


Ok moving on below the pic's




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@ Karin , will do Hun hopefully in 2 weeks i should be able to get some pic's with Karen as ANH Leia as we have my Boy's school fate and the UKG are trooping it , as well as the TM Junior TK and the little Crewman ;), just need to find Karen a cell to lay in :P


This will be the Luke's suit first outing so cant wait :smiley-sw013: .


@ Joey thank you mate , i do have a few pic's of me suited up round our C.O (89BATMAN) Gary's house at the door of Destaney going for Clearance , i still need to perfect the the Luke head tilt :lol: .





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