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  1. Hi Lee, it is nice to see you here with a Centurion application, if you need any further help with it then please ask. Lee's back plate overlap was setup to align with the top of his kidney plate, this can be seen on the Left hand side, but it appears to have dropped a touch on the right hand side. Lee is also planning to install frown mesh in his new TM lid, but troops with a black balaclava to obscure his face. I also have to admit to forgetting to take a lids off pic for him for his submission pics, however as Lee is out trooping now so regularly it won't be long to add the required missing pics. Good luck Lee, nice build
  2. Sorry, I'm a bit late to the party Clive, but congratulations on both your EIB and Centurion awards.
  3. Hi Tim I think this is a superb EIB application. It has been presented very well, and your attention to detail is superb. Well done trooper.
  4. Hi Ingrid It's probably best, as you are the Deputy Commanding officer of the FISD to have checked the tutorials before making a post like you have just done. With your staff position credentials it does not serve well for you to be mis informed or thrown confusion into the pot. Here is the up to date colour chart.
  5. Re: your AB buttons, you may need to view some screen caps for reference as I don't think you have nailed the right look there or ... Have a look at TK6287's AB buttons, this is another EIB applicant running alongside yours. Your AB buttons need to more like those. Good luck trooper
  6. Looking good there trooper. Out of 3 consecutive and current EIB applications your the only one that has nailed your AB buttons colours and painting correctly. I just thought I'd mention that. Your kidney and ab side gaps are not symmetrical. You have more than the allowed EIB side gap on one side and virtually none on the other side. Therefore overall your side gaps would be perfect with a little strapping adjustment there. Good luck trooper.
  7. The blue on the AB buttons need checking there. They look like the old dark midnight blue, rather than the required lighter French blue. A better pic may help clear up what colour they are.
  8. Congrats on your EIB approval. I also have seen the good save that you did on your front ammo belt corners in your current centurion application. Well done there.
  9. I don't think it was out of turn to mention the poor fit of the AB and Kidney plates. This has been cleared before meeting EIB CRL criteria, especially on the right hand side (see below) Abdomen Plate For 501st approval: For level two certification (EIB): Any gap between the ab and kidney plate shall be no more than 1/2" (12.5mm) wide. Any shims used to achieve this effect should be of a similar material and color as the ab and kidney plate. Shims shall fit flush and seams are allowed. It may be all well to bring in a new clearance procedure, and to give praise before passing negative comments, but what is the point of having a CRL and following one if clearance is not compared to it? Strapping is indeed an easy fix and therefore I believe that it should have been corrected before passing this one. To clear unfinished work is frankly an insult to previous EIB applicants who have to put the required effort in. We don't want the FISD standards to slip, slide and change every time the DO changes.
  10. I am no longer the Detachment Officer. The honor of clearing you has been passed on to Darth Aloha. Good luck in your clearance process.
  11. I've reviewed this application as EIB only. If you go for centurion then that would be reviewed separately. AB button sizes and the AB belt corner cuts spring up as obvious areas that need rectification. To save you buying a new AB belt, I've suggested trimming a few mm from the end of the belt to Narrow the corner cut angle. This will not significantly shorten your AB belt and may help you. It will have an advantage also of bringing your button covers right to the edges. If the corner cuts still look large you also have the option to trim a few mm from the top and bottom of the belt to bring the belt Height a bit closer to the width of the blocks. These are only suggestions to help saving you from buying a new belt. It's what I would attempt to save that belt.
  12. EIB approved. I have the same two concerns regarding the size of your AB buttons and corner cuts of the AB main ammo belt for your centurion application. I was going to mention it and I am glad it was mentioned by someone else as I am earning the reputation of being too picky at present. It's easy for you to tone down the AB button sizes. You have painted way past the button top face and down the sides making them look huge. The ammo belt corner cuts should be like this. You may be able to trim close to the button covers as per this pic to tone down your large corner cuts.
  13. Sorry, I need to see a better or face on picture please. You don't appear to have painted to the button edges from the pic shown.
  14. I am happy with your overall look and pictures. You have definitely nailed the EIB Look Congrats trooper you are EIB cleared.
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