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  1. A while ago I started a YouTube channel with the intention of producing a full set of armour building tutorials. I have abandoned the channel and will not be doing any more with it but I will leave the tutorials on there for reference. I got quite far with the build so there's quite a lot of material which may be useful to people just starting out. Here are links to the two relevant playlists: PLAYLIST 1 "Stormtrooper costume: General information" PLAYLIST 2 "Stormtrooper armour build tutorials (Star Wars)"
  2. I don't think I can stand seeing another thread along the lines of "I bought SDS armour - Can I join the 501st?" (not here I hasten to add!)
  3. Any use? I don't see anything conclusive with regard to possible rivets at the front. However, there are clear indications of hook and eye fastener tape at the rear ...
  4. Excuse me if this is in the wrong place and feel free to move the thread if it belongs in another section. My wife treated me to a photo shoot with with a professional photographer for my birthday. I put on my mixed-and-matched set of armour, comprising parts from RS and TM, and finally got some photos that do my costume justice. It was a really cool experience and I'm very happy with the photos. Here is a selection, hope they are of interest ....
  5. Ha! Cool. They just looked a lot like Ked's. You do know that videos of you dancing in full armour are compulsory for all FISD members once the armour if complete, right?
  6. Next time, mate. I'm sure it won't be another six years till the next get-together!
  7. One of the highlights of Star Wars Celebration Europe III for me was what I called "Meet the Mentor Day". After six years of trooping it was an honour to finally meet Mark "Fireblade Jedi" Gage of the UK and not only that, but get to spot for him whilst he was suited up. Back in 2010, when I first started looking to get into the hobby, it was Mark who - as UKG armourer - intercepted my first posts on the UKG forum and guided me through the minefield of recast crap and rip-off gear and pointed me in the right direction. He sent me a list of approved suppliers (the template for what would later become a pinned post on these boards) and told me straight: "With your physique, I'd get a TM". I never looked back. I finally got to say thank you in person. Here's a few seconds of video of Mark with Dennis (Obi-Hahn, German Garrison) - and me behind the camera - on our way from the changing room and through the security checks.
  8. It was cool seeing the new suit up-close and in the flesh. I'm no authority on the details of the First Order armour but you've clearly done a fine job on the fit and finish and you seem to have good mobility. You see no end of costumes which seem to be built for anyone but the actual wearer, so this is a nice change and very easy on the eye.
  9. Check the photos of original suits in the references section. There were all kinds of shapes at the ends of cover strips.
  10. Using a braces (suspenders) system leaves you with two obvious problems: 1. The back "OII" and kidney plates are prone to overlapping. This leaves you with an incorrect look on the OUTSIDE of the armour. Original suits are connected flush in this position. The connection prevents them from overlapping. 2. The chest and back "OII" are not connected to anything and thus prone to flapping. This is why it was also standard practice "back in the day" (of braces) to add elastic at the sides to connect the chest and back and keep them in place. Another EXTERNALLY visible inaccurate feature, not seen on orginal armour. I agree that the what the insides of the armour look like is of secondary importance, however the use of braces a solution is a big hinderance to recreating the look of the original stormtrooper on the OUTSIDE of your costume.
  11. Original suits. Don't take my word for it. Use the references.
  12. The cut lines in the moulds for the forearms are of no use whatsoever. There should be absoluetly no return edge where your wrists are. That's also far too much return edge at the opposite end (elbow/inside of elbow). Look at the references of original armour and copy how they were trimmed. http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/gallery/ You can trim the pieces tighter to suit your body size but, in the case of the forearms, you need to be careful not to make them too tight as you'll otherwise have trouble getting your hand through. Plus, there is a definite flare towards the elbow. They're not snug-fitting like a tightly wrapped bandage.
  13. Anovos / RS comparison --------------
  14. Easier in Spanish: ano vos (look it up ;-) )
  15. Also, if you're going to be coming here to say "I'm worried about my Anovos armour, it's not symmetrical" .... I suggest you go and watch Star Wars. It was this cool sci-fi movie from the late 70's. Thanks for the thread. It should be useful.
  16. If the belt is a replica of the belt on the RS suit, it's very short. When Clothears were commissioned to replicate the belt, the first ones were all produced to the exact same length as the original belt. I had one with my first RS suit. It's a faithful replica but in reality it's impractically short. It sounds like this may be what you have. Vern's suggested extension should work and help a lot. Good luck.
  17. I also dug out these old photos. The ESB helmet on the left is a TM which Paul built for me in 2010. The RS on the right was built by Rob sometime around 2011 I believe. Paul will confirm but I think I'm right in saying that his stunt helmet moulds have been updated since the helmet in the photo was pulled. I've had a couple more helmets from him since and the last one seemed a little different. It may just be the way I put it together so don't quote me.
  18. Here are a couple of photos I took recently after receiving my new RS armour. Feel free to add them to the original post, if you think they're useful. Don't concentrate too much on any perceived colour difference. The TM is three years old, has seen a lot of dirt and direct sunlight in the Canaries. The RS is brand new (not even trimmed in the photo). My gut feeling says that TM's ABS has a very slightly more pronounced ivory tint. But, if, like me, you mix and match parts, it's hard to tell which is which from the colour. For the record, I own two sets of TM armour and two 3 TM helmets, one set of RS armour and 2 RS helmets. I did own a set of AP armour at one point. Briefly. In all photos: Left: RS / Right: TM And this is what an almost finished (*) set of RS armour looks like with a TM 1 mm painted ABS ESB helmet and TM acrylic capped ESB handguards. The plastic belt parts are also from the 2012 TM kit. (*belt needs to be changed for a proper "sandwich" construction, still need to adjust the shoulder straps and the chest-to-abdomen connection needs tightening)
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