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  1. Here is my set up. Hollow cast hovis w/ speakers in them, have a plug w/ machined screw and additional hole to run wires.Packed cotton behind speakers. Additional hole needs to be drilled in bucket to feed wires thru. My amp is in the back. Battery boxes for fan and audio fit above hovis. Fan draws air from frown and mic sits below frown. All wiring runs around inner tube of bucket inside of cord tubing. I have a rocker switch on both sides to turn on both or one or the other. The amp helps balance the bucket. It is really not that complicated, but as Daetrin said can be tricky installing due to work space. It also makes it hard to take pictures of set-up
  2. I have a padding piece that wicks sweat and keeps my head centered in the bucket. One between the eyes and one in the back above my amp.
  3. The white e-6000 is thicker, not as runny. You really only need to leave clamps on for an hour or two, but you do not want to add any stress for at least 12 hours. I have added snaps using the white e-6000, and then trooped without issue in a 12 hour window. 24 hour cure time is best and safest way to go.
  4. something fun! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0u96t8V7AqY&sns=em
  5. No, this was for one of my squad members Tim. He has had a full kit sitting in the box for awhile. I convinced him that he should wear it, told him I could do a nice build. His TK is FX, this will be his first accurate armor. I'll have to help him with the armor build next, I think he has it trimmed out. The conversion is a slow process for some.
  6. Thanks man! The client was super happy, I enjoy building your buckets
  7. Thanks Terrell. I guess I was way off, must not of been thinking clearly. I guess I am getting thrown off by photo distortion. I would love to know the different specs. So the AP is actually smaller? I always thought it was the other way around. I am going to compare my lid with an RS this weekend and take measurements. Here is a side by side of 2 ATA's, thought I shot from the same distance as the other photo So photo distortion is why this AP looks bigger? What is the % for the GF seen below? It is larger than the FX Can you dig that info up when you get the chance, I want to make sure I properly inform people Thanks for setting me straight!
  8. I agree with Walt. That armor appears to be heavily weathered and would be a lot of work. Bondo can be problematic with flexible material.
  9. Paul, It may not be 20%, but it is significantly smaller and I was guesstimating from doing different bucket builds. We really need a detailed comparison to the RS. I did a build not too long ago, of a more accurately sized bucket. I am not positive of the origin, I believe it was cast from TE. The face is soft due to the buck being rubber. Here are some shots next to an ABS ATA lid. The side shot is with my ATA(which still has the neck seal in place and thinner brow trim). When I finished assembly, I could almost pull it on and off like they did in ANH. Here are some shots I took, wish I had taken measurements
  10. The ATA is approx 20% smaller due to improper handling and damage over time. You should always keep a clean master copy when producing things to avoid degredation. I believe the AP bucket is only 2-5% smaller. Please correct me if I am mistaken. The opening will vary with construction.
  11. If you do heavy trooping, the screen accurate style can fail. Everyone I know who heavily troops and has the bracket system has cracks. I have done more than 70 troops to date and have been thankful more than once for my decision to add inner support and separate chest and back pieces. I have participated in several film shoots that were physically demanding and rough on my armor. I most recently did a web commercial were the extras got a bit carried away and if it had not been for my inner supports my forearm would have completely failed. I use the suspender method to hold up cod and kidney/butt, I have been grabbed and tugged to the point were if I had the original strapping my armor would have failed. I believe that if you only suit up for an hour or two once a month or less there is no issue, but if you go to a lot of conventions and are suited 4-8 or more hours and do a lot of posing it is a different story. I have nothing against the original strapping, but we can see what a few days of shooting did to them. In the end, it comes down to preference and practicality. My 2 credits
  12. Hello Romen, Welcome! I live in rancho Cucamonga, I can definitely help you with your build. Feel free to PM me.
  13. Finishing up this commission for Magma bucket(ATA) w hand painted detail just need to install the hovis, lens and tube stripes with brow and ear detail
  14. Masking and then applying white paint that matches or is close to bucket color will prevent black from bleeding thru and provide a cleaner look( if desired ). It comes down to what you are comfortable doing. I personally draw the shape I want lightly with pencil and then paint to the line.
  15. I spoke with Bryan on Sat at Wondercon. They are still working on some things, but he said they are trying to keep it around $2000 US. This is a static display and will come with a mannequin. Mannequins are expensive on their own, so the inclusion makes the cost reasonable. They are required to furnish the mannequin, as it is a display piece. Hope that helps
  16. This is a great constructive way to help applicants, happy to see this!
  17. I use a little e6000 and press into the area I want to cut. I let it cure for an hour then cut. This can also be done after the fact to prevent fraying, but you will end up having to trim some strands that get away during the process.
  18. I used a epoxy on my first build. I have switched to shoe goo and white e6000 since. The beauty of the shoe goo is that it pretty much set in an hour and is both hard and flexible, great for fast builds. White e6000 tends to be a bit thicker than the clear and tends to set up faster, I use this to attach the elastics in the calves. I always build from the inside and then add the cover strips, have been doing a combo of shoe goo on the inside joiner strip and the white e6000 for the cover strips. Due to the elastic nature of these products they do not sand evenly, but can be sanded. There are threads about the disassembly, but extreme cold seems to work well(like the freezer). Hope this helps
  19. I mean geez - when was the last time you saw an FX lid at an event? I think we have maybe 1 or 2 left in my garrison, and we're not exactly cutting edge. Paul, just yesterday I trooped w/ 2 folks w FX armor and only one was sporting an FX lid. 3 out of 5 had accurate armor. There are a lot of folks in SO CAL that sport the old FX. We have access to local armor(west coast) and my conclusion is that they have sentimental attachment, which is understandable.
  20. Trooping in Southern California lends itself to all manner of trooping. Anywhere from high end media events to a high school dance, they are always happy to have stormtroopers. Yes, there are people who can tell and notice the difference( some even remark on my ESB armor ). Some people choose to have there pictures with more accurate troopers, But, most do not care. I have literally taken thousands of photos with people. I have done enough high profile events to be able to make that statement about people, this refers to the media as well. Until LFL/Disney starts to differentiate between the differences it will continue. I have watched the evolution of available accurate armor and am pleased that more and more new and old are moving in this direction. The TK's most likely will change in the new films, so it is important to preserve the OT trooper more than ever.
  21. I find it interesting that they still approve non-accurate armor w/ no problem and yet have difficulty w/ this one. I wonder if they are waiting for someone to get one and wear it, then submit approval. I believe there should be some variation allowed, when it comes to accurate armor builds. It would be nice to see the list of issues that are causing concern. The true reality is that people don't care if your frown is black or grey, FX or RS or TE lineage Etc... they only see a Stormtrooper. I think we tend to forget that sometimes, myself included.
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