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  1. So I reached out to hyperfirm/sci fire he has one for 350.00 ready to ship. So can any one say they dislike these I'm looking for weight and durability.
  2. Unfortunately I can't get a DLT in the states from doopydoos I'm sad is there any I can purchase this gun from?
  3. Droopy doors said the US won't allow it through customs!
  4. What's the website called?I can't find hyperfirm on the net.
  5. Has any one purchased this guys product? It seems cheap in price but I can't tell about the quality. Can any one back it up? Or do have one of his blasters? Thanks!
  6. Has any one built a terror trooper yet? I love this trooper evil looking and able to fight Jedi with minimal issues.
  7. Any one attempt a terror trooper here from the force unleashed? i want to try this build.
  8. I want to thank all the people who helped me here on my build it was a success!
  9. Guys it's the witching hour till NYC comic con short cut for detonator clips? Pre made? Thanks!
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