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  1. I think the CRL´s need a new update, I had the same problem with my 16 tubestripes Stipes on my "Moove Along Trooper" This CRL was changed because of screen accuracy! I Really Like the way you did your Helmet! Greetings Alex
  2. Hey Marc!!!! Yes! that was fast! Congratulation! From Sarah too :th_AnimatedBravoSmiley:
  3. Hey Marc, I dont think your rivet is misplaced. As you can see on this pic the rivets are not 100% accurat in the upper corner. Every belt has a little different rivetposition
  4. Yes Karin Curry Wurst @ Turrican The shoulderstripes are attached in the rear too, normaly
  5. Thank you all @Paul Your ABS color is nearly the same and match perfect, I was really happy. Is it new ABS you use now? My old Hero Helmet from you is a little darker, the differece is visible there.
  6. Hi, I updated my RS ANH trooper with an beautiful TM helmet, ESB handguards and I replaced the RS sniperknee to one of Paul´s. They really look sharper. At the moment I leave the soulderstripes ANH style, because most time I use it as ANH. Greetings Alex
  7. Congrats! for becoming the second female Centurion in Germany! Girls are verry RAR on this Level. Your Armor is a perfect build! Only thing I would add is a little weathering
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