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  1. AP stands for AuthenticProps we produce high quality stormtrooper costumes, you can see our offering below. Mark (AP)
  2. Way more easier adjusting size with the classic trooper, the FO armor all parts are meant to be flush and seamless and more difficult to scale down because of the design, not to mention some putty work and full painting, overall alot more work involved building a FO armor Mark (AP)
  3. depend on price you paid, if you concider quality/accuracy I give it 6+ the helmet is inaccurate and armor overall way less accurate than some fan made armors on here, but if you have nothing to compare it to and are pretty new to this you wont notice the differences, I can spot Anovos a mile away with that helmet Mark (AP)
  4. Stunt has flat green lens. longer frown (grey mouth) with 8 holes cut out, two screws on ears + 1 at the bottom, 4 bumps on grey ear section, higher brow Hero Bubble grey lens, shorter frown with 6 holes, 1 screw on ears + one at the bottom, 3 bumps on grey ears section, low brow. I can spot ANOVOS helmets a mile away with its inaccuracies, wrong ears, wrong eye section, wrong frown ect... but thats another debate Mark
  5. congrats but what you have is a ANOVOS ANH Stunt not Hero
  6. You dont have to glue it, just use the two rivets on each side.
  7. Those longer shoulder straps will help Mark (AP)
  8. Yah but the FX is a fan sculpt and totally inaccurate in ever aspect, my armor has lineage to a original and the fit will be much much better on you, you can check my current FISD member disocunt offer on above link I sent you. Mark (AP)
  9. At your height and weight you will fit any screen lineage suits so AP, RS, TM, ATA will all fit ok Mark (AP)
  10. Front joining strips too wide max 2cm (20mm) if you want to cheat better have the wider one only on the back, and thigh ammo corner need to be more rounded (smaller radius) check photos of real suits. Mark (AP)
  11. Main issues is at the waist section which is pretty small, thats the reason we added 3" extensions on both the AB and Kidney so it can be custom fit exactly to your waist size without shimming Mark (AP)
  12. Replied to your email same day, check your junk folders Mark (AP)
  13. They are not similar he has the old style legs with the raised ridges on the back not ANH accurate!
  14. Biceps upside down lower helmet and finally feed him a few spoons of protein and your done
  15. I specifically extented my Ab and Kidney plate molds to accommodate most size waist without shimming and can be trimmed down to your perfect waist size In the photo showing two built Torso's one on the left was for a 41" waist and the other 46" these are actual waist size at belly button level not pants size but can fit up to 48" waist
  16. meaning you sand on a wet surface, you can buy sanding paper especially made for wetsanding, just google wet sanding or check youtube it will better explain, basically its a a smoother sanding techniques
  17. AP will fit no problem most of my customers are 6'+ Heres just a few customers in AP armor
  18. I light wetsand 400 grit would help, I would suggest Krylon gloss white all in one paint/primer excellent coverage especially when painting white I use it all the time for other subjects. if you will be using standard primer unless its white you will need several white paint to cover the grey primer, with krylon all in one just a few light coats and your set
  19. with a few troops paint will start flaking and chipping off, plastic will flex quite a bit paint wont hold for long also the thicker the paint more prone to crack, the best is to have a flexible primer /paint like they use on bumper cars.
  20. I can send you a new set no problem Mark (AP)
  21. You forgot to mention AP if you respect the alphabetical order I should be listed first Im assembling 5 for customers as we speak Mark (AP)
  22. Here are some Ab button plates using the AP decals provided in kit, if applied properly people will never guess they are decals and will last much longer than paint which easily scratches off.
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