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  1. nINzqz.jpgComming out  of hyperspace next to planet, going to my next post. 

  2. Getting there[emoji16][emoji16] Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
  3. Yea was a good troop Deffinately going again next year
  4. Esb TK reporting.. awesome first troop as a tk, it's a different experience from Vader, but o so AWESOME
  5. Oh good I was thinking the same thing, they said I could go for centurion level with their setup.... is that true
  6. Yes have their strapping and making a few adjustments with the upper armour. Have to remold this to me alittle too big and the frown webbing can be cut back just a little. Waiting on the hero lens and then i will trim the eyes. , keep them coming guys this build is going all the way. Lol
  7. Added something to cover the holes
  8. Kit........RS PROP MASTERS(recieved) Voice......icomm (recieved) Blaster....checking. HSA system --------( Ukswrath ), installed Hero lens --- fenix props ( recieved)
  9. Ok so went around and decided on a kit from RS prop masters. Looks pricey but close to centurion level if I can pull out alittle patience. I have to say it's alot of pieces but let's do this.
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