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  1. I was really disappointed when I first saw the info, as this hobby is in a difficult spot right now - and the one thing it really doesn’t need is one producer ripping off another’s work. The evidence is pretty conclusive. For me the slam/dunk moment was how TM's casts have the exact same 'tells' as the CfO - yet these give-away tells were specifically added by CfO as part of his mould-making process. Hence the TM can only have derived/been recast from the CfO. Such a shame as there are so many opportunities for propmakers to come out with cool and exciting stuff, rather than poaching off others hard work. Cheers Jez StarWarsHelmets.com
  2. Yep - its on every half decent replica and like you said, very easy to duplicate. It'd take about 5 mins to do. The only issue here is Gino tried (unsucessfully) to con everyone that his new venture was cast off an original TIE by using some mealy-mouthed marketing speak. So he was asked, very plainly and simply by me and several others "is your helmet cast off an original TIE" ..but instead of answering he scuttles away since he knows full well it's NOT cast from an original TIE. But rather than man-up and say "I'm sorry, I didnt intend to dupe anyone" he'd rather play games and continue to treat this hobby and the people within it with nothing but contempt. Cheers Jez
  3. Gino, I've not asked you to confirm your source. To some extent I can understand someone not being willing to do that (although clearly it prompts a problem within the community since in effect anyone can claim to have anything - but thats a different issue) However, I've only asked you to confirm one single point, "My TIE helmet is cast of an original TIE helmet?". Thats a pretty simple question isnt it? Youre not giving anything commercially sensitive away by saying "Yes" or "no" The fact is you know you cant say "yes" because you and me both know its NOT cast from an original TIE - which is why you're trying to play these silly games over the word "original". Youve tried to misrepresent both RPF and now FISD and you've been caught out. Youve done precisely the thing you're attacked others for. Ironic huh! Cheers Jez
  4. Guys - we really are blown away by the support we've received from you guys here. With only 7 in the final she really does have a chance of winning and getting a recording contract. Our genuine thanks! Cheers Jez and Izzy
  5. Excellent - thanks again guys. I really appreciate the support she's had from this forum Cheers Jez
  6. Thanks for the kind comments here and on youtube guys - we really appreciate it. Please keep them coming as I want her to be able to earn enough money so her dad can replace all his REPLICA helmets with REAL ones! Cheers Jez
  7. As many of you know Ive not been able to spend much time on my site recently due to a couple of work commitments but mainly my attemps to get my daughter (Izzy Marie Hill's) music career going With this in mind we've just found out that she's has made the final 7 for the Basshunter "Hunt for Bass" competition. Basically its a comp to find the best new songwriter and given over 550 entered I'm chuffed to bits she's made the top 7 final. The winner gets a record deal hence its a hugely important thing to win. They will decide on the final winner out of the 7 based on feedback on youtube. She's at a bit of a disadvantage since her music isnt "dance/trance" inspired (although they never said you had to be). the fact that she' made the final 7 must say something. Anyway, PLEASE can my trooper friends here go onto youtube and leave a nice comment next to her song...and maybe tell anyone you know too.... Note that you have to actually go onto youtube and leave a comment there on the Basshunter competition page Its # 497 Izzy Marie Hill - Sick and Tired.... Here's the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGZB76wP7gQ If she wins then there's absolutely no reason why she cant go on and become a megastar and then her dad can retire early and devote his time to Star Wars Thanks in advance Cheers Jez
  8. living database for SW Helmets ;.)

  9. Again thanks for the kind comments guys I really do appreciate it. Thanks also for the complements about my daughters music Nazgol. TBH thats whats been keeping me away from SWH as there are only so many hours in a day and making/managing/promoting/marketing music is incredibly time consuming. She's getting some interest from some serious people in LA and Nashville, although as anyone in the music business will tell you "there's always a lot of talk and no so much action" I'll do my best to try and keep it updated as regularly as possible Cheers Jez
  10. Hi guys, thanks for all the kind words - everything is fine we just had to move the server and domain registration (or something) and just lost it for a while :lol it should be fully back on line now Cheers Jez
  11. looks like I was late seeing this too- BUT IT IS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!! Well done guys - stunning work nailing the "real" ANH look Cheers Jez
  12. I'm late coming to this thread but let me just say how impressed I am with this project. Not just the helmets and armour themselves - which look brilliant, but also the way you've conducted yourself - in exactly the right and proper manner - ie you bought CO's moulds along with the "rights" to reproduce. I'm sure this cost you a hell of a lot more to do but I'd like to think your integrity will be well rewarded. I notice you received some catty comments from the "usual suspect" and I'm glad you just brushed him off. You clearly are going about this the right way - maybe he could take a leaf out of your book Well done Cheers Jez
  13. Cool info - I'd be interested in any information you may have Cheers Jez
  14. Thanks again guys. The Video's take freaking ages to do but I'm very pleased with the results so its rewarding. I'm trying to put a template together in Adobe Premiere (the editing s/w I use) so hopefully going forard they wont take so long. Much of the time goes into the graphics, and finding decent background photos. Fil - sounds like we've got some catching up to do! Double congratulations to you. Joe - I had my eye on a few of them when I last went to see him. Give me time and I'll bring him round..... Cheers Jez
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