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  1. I just recently painted my ab plates too and found it really helpful to paint the black underneath first. (At least on a few screen suits the buttons were painted black before grey and blue.) That way I already had a rough guide before I applied the top coats grey and blue.
  2. Is it confirmed that the strap that goes across the shoulder bells is on all known armors 25mm 14 cord or is it just based on the RS suit? It might be due to the limited pictures showing these details but imho the strap on Han’s bells and on the LFL archive bells looks smaller compared to the top strap and in reference to the biceps cover strips.
  3. Video seems to be deleted....
  4. Couldn’t have said it better! Thanks!
  5. Guide would be perfect! I did a lot of painting and weathering myself in all those years but I always think others work looks better than mine! There is always something to learn, right!?
  6. Yeah ,for a first cast... What paints did you use? I reallylike the result!
  7. Jep, I can only echo... take a good time reading through build threads, save pictures for each individual part/section such as biceps, calf’s and so on and make specific folders for it. Start with the easier parts but careful since the asymmetrical parts won’t fit together always at first try! I find it very helpful to make a folder for each part/section and look at the pictures as a diashow while building. E6000 is a great glue to work with imho, first because it’s a great glue... but mostly because it takes more time to cure than most other parts!!! That’s what most people hate about E6000 but it helps building more slowly and don’t rush anything. That’s THE most relevant hint EVER: TAKE YOUR TIME! Let me know if I can be of help with anything else, kannst auch auf deutsch fragen!
  8. Wait, you bought it? But they already took my liver, one half of my lung and my left kidney...
  9. I just had email contact with Chris (TK-409) and that's definatly not his normal behavior, he is one of the good guys!<br> There must be some problem with emails coming through.<br> Try to contact him via troopertk409(at)gmail.com, i'm sure he will get back to you soon!
  10. Wow, i don't know how i missed this thread for so long!<br> I replied to your thread over at the MEPD board but it seems you're more active here!<br><br> Since your will to build the most accurate E-11 replicas is there any chance you will do the aluminium parts for the so called "Tunisian" E-11 sooner or later?<br> Also a accurate steel version of the scope rail (Tunisian E-11 for me) in a affordable price range would be awesome!<br> After all i see of your skills the scope rails should be a little "spare time" project... <br> Keep up your amazing work, mate!
  11. Congrats on a very rare variant of the E-11, i'm green in envy! I have all parts to build my own too except for the aluminium parts. I'm curious about the grip too!!! I have been looking for ages for a accurate aluminium grip and butt part... Possible small run???
  12. Congrats on this beauty, Rolf! Here you go again...
  13. WOW, just WOW! you can be really proud of this suit! i compared it to the original suit in the LFL pictures and it´s the closest thing i´ve seen so far! Paul did a amazing job and that thing is a keeper!
  14. stunning collection! i´m a little bit jealous, just a very little bit.... btw. i love the way you present your collection! can´t wait to get my Gino V2 soon, what a beauty!
  15. like i posted on the MEPD forum as well, THANKS for sharing! i know how you feel i´m still waiting on a HDPE helmet i ordered almost 2 years ago... @ FON i completly understand your feelings, i almost bought the DVD too and would be pissed also. i´m sorry for those who paid for the DVD´s but if Matt tells the truth you should have tons of pictures left that Caleb didn´t get and didn´t post publicly!
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