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  1. On one of my helmet kits the vocoder comes seperatly just like the fx helmet. How do you attach this to the helmet. You have nothing but the edges to glue on and it wont stick with superglue which i thing is the only glue to use when glueing precision. Any other ideas...maybe glue som screws on the inside of the vocoder?
  2. ....And apperently it did not work well on my last abs kit...just saw it had cracked by itself
  3. On all my 3 armors i have used 2 part epoxy...hard as %€£ but messy so need to mask everything else than the parts you are gluei g
  4. Well was not a cancer question but more a question about how long it is bad after cured..got that
  5. Hi<br> Is this only dangerous while drying or even after? It still smells for a week or so after. Im having my mannequin in the kids room and dontvwant to put on my tkparts on it before i know the answears.
  6. Which shin is this? Does the lonhside go on the outside or inside. Found diffrent images. What is screenaccurate?
  7. Hello<br> My first build was 7 years ago so have forgotten alot I only have legs, arms and helmet left. Right now Im having trouble how I solved this last time so here it goes...this is about cutting the legs. Should i glew when i have them opend and a perfect match on the front lines and then force them togheter at the back like the first pic or shall I cut of a line when I try to hold them toghter like the second pic?
  8. Sold my armor 2011 and has been away from all this for a while. I had a PT armor that i really liked. Now i deff need to make a new one and among the kist that are out there is ATA the best if you want one for a low price and have a screen accurate? Is it nice and shining from the start or do you need to paint it? Any other kits I should concider thats not in the high price range? Cheers
  9. Yep im going to cut out about half the visor so one can se the lenses (lizzard) and have some repitle skin on the chin And i do have an rifle now cheers
  10. Thanks so much for the answears
  11. Hi! Im thinking of building in an sounddevice in my v gun! Any tips what to use as the soundplayer/recorder? It shall be able to play one sound when button is pushed cheers
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