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    Comics/Wolverine, lifelong star wars fan.
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    Running, mixed martial arts.
    Police officer for 20 years. Tactical background as well as tactics/weapons instructor.

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  1. PEEL

    Rogue One armour

    Armour looks great and Jimmiroquai has been very helpful. Wondering if there is anyone that offers assembly services for this armour yet?
  2. PEEL

    Rogue One armour

    That would be helpful. Can you PM me here?
  3. PEEL

    Rogue One armour

    Thank you for your help. I will seek him out.
  4. Hello all, Been a while since I've been here. Wondering if anyone is making Rogue One lids and armour. Feel free to post or PM. Thanks for any help. Missed being here....
  5. Thanks. I know a few US Customs guys so that may be the way to go....
  6. Hello all, I live in Ontario, Canada. Wondering if anyone has a method of getting a Hyperfirm E-11 up north? Feel free to PM. Thanks for any help.
  7. Thanks for the welcome everyone. I have been around these parts for a while. Excited about finally suiting up....
  8. Great advice, thank you....sent more PM's out. Love this place.
  9. Thanks for the amazing assistance. Some PM's will be incoming.
  10. I saw the Pelican is around $400-$500. I think I have a contact through work, the model number would be helpful. I also see that the Husky is a sweet and more affordable option....
  11. Hello, I have finally taken the plunge and am ordering a set of AP armour. I live just outside of Toronto, Canada. I have tried to get in contact with the 501st.ca to find out more about the process of joining with no success. I am wondering if there are any local people here that can help with the process? Thanks as always for any help. Feel free to post here or PM.... Blair.
  12. Can anyone assist with the model number of the Pelican case? Is it 1630? Thanks.
  13. <a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href='http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Tam_Posla'>http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Tam_Posla</a>
  14. Any considered attacking this costume or any of the big manufacturer's looking at it?
  15. Anyone use a pelican case or Hardigg?
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