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  1. Exactly right about my biceps. It's all a balancing act to get the proportions right
  2. Agreed. Getting in person advice is always easier/simpler/quicker (as long as they know their way around the armour) [emoji106]
  3. Re your arm gaps... I'm in a similar boat as you re having long arms (maybe it's a vegan thing [emoji1]). Some screen grabs of armour show the gap between the bicep and the forearm as very small or sometimes almost nonexistent, which is fine if that suits your arm length. (Yours look very close to this) But, if your arms are longer then it's going to look better to try and keep the gap from bicep-to-forearm and from forearm-to-handguard the same as much as possible. (This is me, just as an example. Slightly bigger gap at the elbow, to reduce the gap at the wrist) That's why Glenn said about lowering your forearms, even though it means having a larger gap at the elbow. I also wear my biceps lower than most to help reduce the elbow gap (although I went a little too far and need to raise them back up a smidge)
  4. They're one armourer down at the moment due to long term illness, so I guess they are a bit more stretched at the mo. I've been having the same issue with it taking a while to get replies, but they've got back in touch eventually. If you're concerned then maybe send them a private message in case your post has been missed.
  5. Does look wrong compared to the screen grabs, but hopefully looks more in proportion compared to the CRL pic
  6. Here's front and rear pics of the finished pouches. Pack finished except for weathering. I've used grey primer for the lighter parts with a matt top coat. I've seen that some guys used a blue-grey, but the screen shots just look grey to me. I've fitted the screws on the bottom left panel of the radio box that are just visible in the screen grab. Padding on the back is to protect the back armour. Silver d rings are to clip the straps on.
  7. Headlines Family Weekend - Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire, UK This was a special one. Crewed to a family of four: Dad (tie pilot), Mom (gunner), and boys (Galactic Academy ewoks). Really great to enable them to all costume together, a rare event. The event itself was a residential weekend for kids with maxilofacial conditions and their families. They didn't know we were coming, and the kids (and much of the staff) were thrilled to see us. Would definitely do this troop again if asked.
  8. Funeral for a Star Wars fan - Hoddesdon, UK 16th September 2021 An honour to crew to two TKs for this important day
  9. The SE-14R blaster has arrived from RDR. Love it. Can't decide about weathering (not done any of that yet).
  10. The SE-14R blaster has arrived from RDR. Love it. Can't decide about weathering (not done any of that yet). And it has a real working scope! Pouches are finished, and the pack is almost there except for a little padding around the hole to protect the back armour and weathering. Pics to follow. Hoping to collect gloves from imperial warfighters this week (in person to make sure I get the correct size). Pauldron is on hold from Clive at Burkbench as he's in quarantine so can't ship anything.
  11. Hi Mike, Welcome to FISD! That's great armour you have there. I'm looking forward to seeing your new armour when it arrives and the pics from your first 501st troop.
  12. Hey Kris Good to have you here, and looking forward to seeing your EIB and Centurion applications!
  13. Just hit number 11. Hoping to hit 25 by the end of the year. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/51270-11-tk-46116-troop-log/
  14. [11] Fundraiser in aid of pancreatic cancer - Lichfield, UK 11th September 2021 3 costumes (TK, TX and Jawa), 1 crew and 1 Galactic Academy Cadet (another Jawa) attended a garden centre to give an imperial presence to a small event promoting awareness of pancreatic cancer and a number of small independent stalls. A great, fun day, with a highlight being a young lad (early teens) that was selling prints of digital drawings he'd created. As a TK I pointed out the lack of imperial representation in his portfolio; by mid afternoon he had rectified that situation. A very talented young man. https://www.facebook.com/Lazukoanimates/ Pic from today, not of the young artist Love this
  15. [10] Black and Gold Ball - Milton Keynes, UK 10th Septhember 2021 Formal fundraising event for The Henry Allen Trust, an organisation the UKG have supported many times. We greeted the guests as they arrived for the evening, interacted and posed for photos (while checking for rebel spies), and guarded the dance floor while the Silver Sabers gave a display of lightsaber duelling. A great night.
  16. Very nice Jacob. I'm at the end stages of my HWT pouches and pack, so hopefully won't be far behind you. Thanks for the inspiration!
  17. Congratulations Tim, Bet it felt good to finally get out trooping!
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