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  1. Yes, Glen can definitely vouch for that! [emoji1] Welcome to FISD [emoji106]
  2. [23, 24] East Anglian Winter Fair, Chelmsford, UK 20th and 21st November 2021 A couple of very cold days for this event likely contributed to the event having a small turnout by the public, but we had some great interactions with many of those that did venture out. As usual the kids stole the show, especially the little girl (maybe 3 years old) that blew us kisses as she walked away, and the young lad who was so excited he gave my legs a heartfelt hug. These are the moments that make the shivering worthwhile. Also, had a chance encounter with the actress that did some of the motion capture work for Dobby in the Harry Potter movies, Diane Gibbins. Turns out she's a Star Wars nerd and loves the original stormtroopers (great taste!). Didn't get a pic unfortunately. Also, I really needed the troop today. My mental health has been taking a bit of a nosedive recently, and I was feeling particularly low on the drive there this morning. Spending time with guys from my garrison really made a difference and lifted me, and I can't thank them enough, even though they had no idea. They really are a great bunch. Finally, congratulations to Ben on his induction. He's an absolute natural with his interactions, and his armour is outstanding.
  3. I guess you're referring to the com link and grappling hook. Take a look at the hero crl and you'll see these listed in the optional section at the bottom https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_anh_hero I've not trooped with anyone yet that's been wearing these, and would be fab to see them in public.
  4. Hi Ben, Great to see this post from you, and was great trooping with you yesterday. Looking forward to seeing your EIB and Centurian threads, and helping if/where I can.
  5. Be warned, if you've done a few troops it could be terrifying [emoji33]
  6. Just to reiterate the value in using a torch from behind to pick up armour cracks early No torch Torch from in front Torch from behind
  7. I'm sure I'll see you on a troop so if you need any help later on just let me know, but sounds OK to me from the video [emoji106]
  8. I'm in Cambs, so not a million miles away. If you want to be sure before you spend any money I'm happy to pop over. I have an aker and a tramp, so you can try out both alongside what you currently have to see the difference.
  9. Thanks! Has been fun. Whets the appetite for more projects [emoji1]
  10. Thanks mate. Never thought to show you at Brum (but the volume was too low then anyway. Rectified that now [emoji16])
  11. Probably my last update for these. Found that the usb problem was actually the cable I was using to connect to my laptop. Used a different cable and can charge and transfer files no problem. Yay! Also, accidently discovered that if the macro power is off I can access it as storage, but if the macro power is on it acts as a USB speaker. Result! Fitted a couple of small, cheap ebay lenses to the eyepieces, and it looks a lot more 'finished', even without the el plate lit up. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PMMA-Plano-convex-Acrylic-condenser-Lens-for-Zoom-LED-Flashlight-Bike-head-lamp-/184929977095?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 Finally, removed the Life Day Song, as figured it was never going to get played, and replaced it with the music from Battlefront 2. Kinda in keeping with my HWT (I know my HWT is from Battlefront 1, but the music isn't as good). So, that's it. Thanks for following [emoji106]
  12. Vaguely where in the UK are you? If I can I'm happy to pop over to bring my setup for a side by side comparison and then work out how to get yours working.
  13. Hope so mate. Looking forward to our first troop together. And yeah, was a blast, even with reduced numbers
  14. [21, 22] MCM Birmingham ComiCon, UK 13th and 14th November 2021 The second of this year's MCM ComiCons, and again it didn't disappoint. Both days were sold out and although numbers were limited due to the pandemic it felt extremely busy, and we had our hands full constantly at the UK Garrison stand. A slight panic immediately before the event (the storage company had dropped and destroyed a large part of our death star wall) meant some last minute changes, but the empire is resourceful and we found a solution that worked (albeit a slightly shorter wall). I spent a significant time manning our speeder bike on Sunday, which provided some really great interaction with guests, a great many of which had come in amazing costumes of their own. Glad I've got a day or two to recover though. I'm shattered! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1995734640576168&id=92936378545
  15. [20] Funeral for a Star Wars fan, Sheffield, UK 8th November 2021 Honoured to once again attend the funeral for a Star Wars fan. Always a solemn event, but it means a lot to be there, especially knowing how it is to family and friends. This is the first time for me where we've been specifically asked to remain after the service, and through conversations it was clear how meaningful our presence was.
  16. [19] Trucks and Fireworks, Brands Hatch Racetrack, UK 7th November 2021 My first cold weather troop, and it was really cold. Made the mistake of thinking because it was sunny my thin undersuit would be fine. After lunch I was wearing a tshirt plus my cold and warm weather undersuits, and then I was fine. The low temperatures didn't deter the crowds though, and it was a great event, with a noisy background of truck racing at the famous Brands Hatch circuit. No pics yet, but hopefully some to come soon.
  17. Do you have the speaker facing your chest or facing out and towards the armour? Most folk I know (me included) have it facing away from the body. Maybe it's that(?)
  18. I see someone hasn't been exposed to the Star Wars Christmas Special! [emoji38]
  19. Basically finished, except for a bit of paint touch up, and at some point I'll replace the internal USB cable so that I can use it to reprogram rather than only use it to charge the battery. Comments and suggestions welcomed [emoji106]
  20. Latched setting Momentary setting Rotational switch for trigger select. White button starts sample Red button is reset to stop latched samples
  21. [emoji1] leave it with me Although, that's a little small for me! These are more my size
  22. Looks like you're right about being able to fit 15mm buttons. Fab. Opens up more options. I should get the remaining parts for the sound module today, so plan to have that assembled and ready for testing by the weekend. There is a pad labelled reset, which I'm hoping stops the current playback; if so that'll have a dedicated button, probably the top grey button between the eyepieces. Plans for other buttons: - dedicated button for macro sounds. Having trouble finding the actual sfx from the film, so may have to resort to a sound-alike. This is going to be the fake screw button already installed closest to my right hand. - dedicated button for Imperial March. Probably the other fake screw button. - the red button will hopefully be latched for power for both lights and sound module. That leaves 6 other triggers, and I have an idea about that. I've found a rotational switch with up to 12 positions, but it can be limited to only rotate for 6 of those; 1 for each remaining trigger. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-2-3-4-Poles-Rotary-Switch-Solder-Terminals-150mA-250V-Lorlin-/254303918379?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 Each of the 6 terminals will go to the corresponding trigger pad on the sound board. The common terminal will go to the other grey button by the eyepiecesbefore tieing to ground, and when pressed will trigger whichever of the 6 samples is selected by the rotary switch. The knob for the rotary switch will either be the knob on top of the macros (most likely, but depends on space) or the knob at the front by the main lens. Planning to have different music at these 6 positions: SW main theme, cantina band, award ceremony, SW disco mix, Leia's life day song and one more. I reserve the right to change music used [emoji38]
  23. That's awesome mate, thank you! I'll check measurements and get the switches ordered. Once I have everything in front of me I'll let you know sizes. Appreciate that mate [emoji106]
  24. That's what I was thinking with the sugru (still don't have a 3d printer), but maybe carefully trimming and gluing some abs scraps would work. I'm hoping I have a good paint match with some of the acrylics I have left over from my paint by numbers.
  25. Thanks! Weirdly hadn't thought to actually measure the printed buttons [emoji2357], but will do this morning. (Assuming I need 12mm buttons) I may have found something that will work with a little modification. Momentary https://thepihut.com/products/colorful-square-tactile-button-switch-assortment-15-pack The sound module uses momentary switches for triggering, and I reckon I can make these ones look the part with paint and maybe some sugru. This latched one would be a little more tricky, but not impossible, and could be a good external power switch. Latched https://thepihut.com/products/on-off-power-button-pushbutton-toggle-switch
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