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  1. Take your time. I used the same files to clean up mine as well.
  2. Visor looks kind of weird. Could have shaped the pauldron better instead of looking like a manta ray
  3. What about trimming the bottom of the shin to lower it. Then you don't mess with the upper thigh return edge.
  4. I personally think the chest looks fine as of now. But you really have to get it all together to really know. the shoulder to chest gap looks nice. But things will move around once you have kidney and butt plate connected down low to the cod ab piece. Just stay on it. Looking good so far bud.
  5. Huge shout to Walter Vongher (WTF) and Tony Jobe ( @ukswrath) for letting me utilize there social platforms to help me on my mission. Teresa was very kind and loved the extra little help we could give her. Huge shout to the troopers who helped make it possible.


    Chris Forsythe (darkstar)

    Alexander Hibbs

    Randall Hornibrook @TheDecisiveRaindrop (JR) TK55590

    Diego Rubalcava

    Cambre Johnson


    Thank you guys so much. 


    The raffle was fun. Wasn't sure how well it would go with 4 kids running around. 

    Chris Forsythe took 1st place

    Cambre Johnson took 2nd place

    and FISD very own Randall Hornibrook took 3rd.



  6. Hit me up am in Sacramento we have a build party coming up soon. Could meet some of the CCG fam and maybe get some insight on what direction you want to go in.
  7. Looks good. I especially like them trooper rugs you have.
  8. Had a great time for my 1st visit to galaxy edge. Ran into a golden gate garrison member as well as a pacific outpost member and nothing but love.


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