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  1. The screws at the ears are wrong, too.
  2. On sunday, 23rd the Western Squad "White Shadows" gathered for a fotoshooting. The location was "Zeche Zollverein" in Essen, NRW.
  3. Thanks. I´m trying to get some other vehicles in addition to my snowspeeder, so I can display the battle of Hoth.
  4. The empire is very busy in my area. Even if there are some well known rebels in action, it doesn´t last long for our troops to react. Lord Vader shows up
  5. I love that sound the dropboxes make while walking. For me it belongs to every kind of armor.
  6. Being a Star Wars Fan from the beginning on, as child there were no costumes or anything like that. Like all the other kids, I played with the figures we had these days. As I grew older, toys were sold, so my collection of figures and vehicels. Just my snowspeeder stayed. At the Begin of 2020 I finally bought my first Helmet. A Black Series Rogue One, as I was stunned by the Film. It didn´take long that I decided to become a Stormtrooper. A dream since I was a kid. So I ordered a R1 Kit from 850 Armor Works. In the meantime I registered to this forum, where I found plenty of Infos in the WIPs. I made contact to T-Jay, who provided me his completion Kit for the E11 Blaster, which I wanted to build as I waited for BBB. Time went by, I finished the Blaster and the armor arrived right on time. BBB had come Now the adventure could begin. I costumized the helmet to be screen accurate and began working on the armor. Always following the CRLs and Level 3 Requirements. I never worked with ABS before, but found it very easy. My deadline was set to the 4th of May. You know why After some setbacks with painting the bucket, this goal was reached. Yeah, and it was Corona who ruined everything. But I think, I´m not alone with that. Knowing there would´nt be official events taking place, on Fathersday here in germany, I made my own. I patroled the whole day in my driveway. People driving by were excited to see a real Stormtrooper. Many stpped and took pictures. Even the local Police asked for a foto. A so called " Cocktail Taxi" also stopped and offered me a free cocktail of my choice in exchange with a selfie. That was a fun day, which made me even more wanting to become a member of the 501st. And here I am.
  7. I´ve got my TK number today. It´s TK 10868
  8. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=32589 I´d like to get access.
  9. I´ve got my book today. Signed by Brian and Lindsay.
  10. Hallo Sven, I like to see another german R1TK. Here on FISD are many other WIPs you can take as a guideline. That´s what I did. Take a look at the CRL and some refference picture. If there are questins, feel free to send a PM. Man spricht deutsch Ask if you´re in doubt, prior cutting to much.
  11. I´ve got the same gloves. The quality is really good, but I ended up removing the inserts. When you wear them for some time and get sweaty hands, it is very difficult to get them off. I kept the inner gloves for colder days. It´s easy to wear them both.
  12. Proud to announce, that my son is officially a member of the Galactic Academy. Cadet CID 5131 reporting for duty.
  13. Looking through the CRL I stumbled upon a sentence, I don´t understand it´s meaning. The abdomen plate detail has two horizontal bevel details cut-out along the top. What does it mean? I´m prepairing my armor for level 3
  14. Just to get it right. The basic approval is given by my Garrison? In my case the German Garrison. I´m actually in the process being approved. EIB or even Centurion will be done by FISD? I´ve built my armor following Level3, just Boots and undersuit are for basic.
  15. I went to car supplier who had a lot of colourcards in several shades of white. It took a while to find the matching one. But eventually i got two rattlecans filled. With a label on the cans I´m able to get the colour any time I will need one. I only used it on my helmet. I don´t like the idea painting the whole armor, because of chipping and cracking due to the flex ABS has.
  16. For my liking it´s good. Movement is also a bit better.
  17. Thanks, Mario. I worked yesterday on my armor, and finally I´m satsified with the result. I openend the neck cutout a bit for more movement, tweaked the helmet also. New fotos are made. Approval should be in sight.
  18. I fixed the flaws mentioned by the GMO so far. Not much to do Only one thing drives me crazy. I can´t really move my head down. My chestplate doesn´t stay down. What can I do to keep it down? I already cut it on the neckside to make more room, but it didn´t really help.
  19. Okay, I´ll do so. I´m soo excited.......like a little girl
  20. That´s what I´m doing, when I´m alone. One day, it was Fathers day over here, I walked the whole day up and down my driveway. It was fun to see the reactions of people driving by. Even the Police stopped and asked for a foto.
  21. Just at this moment, I received an answer to my approval. Some little things have to be tweaked, or I should take better Fotos. It´s coming along
  22. I´m really excited. I hope there will be an event in my area soon, where I can meet some members of the GG.
  23. Thank you TKSpartan. I thought, white coloured Chelsea Boots would go for the basic approval? I´ll give your idea fixing the shins with velcro a try. Thanks for the hint. TBH I didn´t pay enough attention to the velcros on the biceps and tigh. I hope this will not be a reason not to get the approval
  24. BBB is ike x-mas. Nice set you got. I´ve red about Head Shop Props but didn´t see their armor yet. Looking forward to your build.
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