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  1. @11b30b4 850Armorworks has upgraded their ENTIRE shop (multiple 3D printers, new paint booth) and has just begun production of a rotocast ROTK helmet, and it comes with your choice of printed hovi mics. They are also working on upgrading ROTK armor parts slowly but surely. Because of Hurricane Sally, they are shutdown, but they will be back up and running as soon as possible. Their IG has been documenting everything, and it's impressive.
  2. Some goodies came in the mail! Gloves by Endorfinders: ImperialBoots coming through with a big score: R1TK zipper boots (non-Chukka boot) with flat one-piece sole, and a thin balacava for trooping down here in sunny South Florida : Next thing coming in the mail is the E-11 R1 blaster kit printed by friend of mine, and the undershirt with gaskets from "The Darkside Closet". So many things happening!
  3. Next step, basic armor trim. A small sample of the pile of ABS trimmings from the kit. (Note: I binged the full first season of "The Mandalorian" while trimming this out! ) Some of the parts mostly trimmed: Torso pieces and some other final odds and ends: I've left a little bit of return edge on these so I didn't OVERCUT and end up having to fix a problem. Next step is gonna be sizing and then will final trim and sand down any return edges on the belt sander. Then assembly begins, with final sanding, primer, paint and clear!
  4. @TKSpartan thanks! I'm trying to do EIB Level for my initial approval, but we'll see. Shoot for the moon, right?
  5. Decided to add some photos from my WIP on my Hasbro Black Series bucket. Disassembly: Complete breakdown: Parts I don't need anymore: New lenses from OPLEProps on Etsy: New hovi mic tips from Ukswrath: Starting the slow and meticulous process of cutting out the vents: That's the only pics I've got so far, but it's coming along. Slow but steady.
  6. They are the only people building TK kits stateside right now. I ordered and just received my R1TK kit today, so yay for Big Brown Box Day! I've got my build thread going, so you can follow along there if you'd like. They are super friendly and responsive, and I trooped one of their Tanker Trooper kits in February at Pensacon. Very well made. Also they have a YouTube channel, and are expanding their videos. Good luck, I'll be going for Centurion level myself too after my Basic approval.
  7. Big Brown Box Day for my R1TK from 850 Armorworks is today! Woohoo!
  8. Thanks! Just started my build thread under the Rogue One forum. Will definitely keep things updated as the build progresses!
  9. So I just ordered my raw ABS kit for my R1TK from 850 Armorworks. Going to go with The Darkside Closet for my soft parts, Imperial Boots for my boots and gloves. Got my bucket already, which is a Black Series helmet, pictured below. Got replacement hovi tips for Ukswrath, new lenses and helmet gasket from OPLEprops on the way! Just waiting for my BBB day! I'll continue to update this thread as things progress! FOR THE EMPIRE!
  10. Just put in my order with 850 Armorworks for my R1TK kit! Now to get the soft parts, the last few supplies, and then wait for BBB day!
  11. Thanks for the heads up! I’ve done a lot of looking at these different suppliers (good and bad) from my browsing on the forums. I’ve decided to go with a kit from 850 Armorworks. They’re with the group I trooped with this year, and they are constantly working to improve their builds and make them as accurate as possible. The one problem I’m finding is when researching the Black series helmet mods in the forums, a lot of the pics have broken links. Is there possibly another place to find good instructional pics? I’m a visual guy so it helps. Thanks everyone!
  12. Hey everyone, name's Dave and just dropping in to say hi and introduce myself! Been a lifelong Star Wars fan, and growing up, the characters from the movies were my idols and heroes. Cons and cosplay weren't happening, and the big screen was where all my fantasies played out. Then a few years back I heard about a group called the 501st and what they did, and I wanted to do nothing more than to join. Sadly, being in the military in a time of war kept me from doing that. Well, just this past February I was lucky enough to be able to join the Parjai Squad of the 501st at Pensacon and trooped for 2 out of the 3 days as a Tank Trooper. I was hooked! Unfortunately for me, this all happened right before COVID-19 began sweeping the nation, and my build plans got put on hold. But I'm still researching and gathering the pieces slowly, and hope to be approved by this fall. First build is going to be a clean R1TK, then a Tank Trooper once the TK is approved. Got my Black Series helmet in Thursday, and can't wait to start the process! I've attached a pic from Pensacon this year, with me in Tank Trooper armor. Seriously the best time of my life. FOR THE EMPIRE!
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