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  1. oh ya, totally agree they're not the same kit at all; just using it as a reference. My armors already built as an ESB TK, came raw from RS Props. Was just curious about this mod as a way to make it tolerable to sit in
  2. Hi all, looking for advice on the TK cod piece armor mod you see all over the newer shows (Mando, Rouge 1 etc etc) where its cut across left to right, typically under the belt to hide it and re attached with elastic i assume. What this does is allow for the bottom piece to bend freely and, if you can even imagine, allow the Trooper to actually SIT and BEND! Ive seen it in person and it looks like a great idea, apparently theirs a tutorial on here somehere but alas, i couldnt find it. Even with the Force....
  3. For some reason its telling me a screenshot is too big to upload here??
  4. Hey all, as a total newbie I'm looking for any advice on 'quieting down' some of my armor....mostly the thighs and shins hitting and Clicking on each other when walking. I understand the TK suit is not exactly supposed to be built for comfort but at least I can try and make it tolerable to walk in for more than half an hour right.
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