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  1. I have gotten my kit from them back in may, shipped to Germany. They also have a web page. I liked the kit, lots of things that are not quite clear, but with patience and lots of reference pictures, it wasn't too difficult. Am enjoying it so far. Should be finished soon
  2. Thanks. That sound like a good idea!
  3. Hi there! I got most of my parts for my r1tk cut and sanded and now it comes to strapping. One thing I couldn't quite figure out is the lower arm. Looking at pictures I see that there is no strap coming from the upper arm to the lower arm. Is that correct? If so, should I use foam to keep the lower arm in place? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi there! I'm Sven from Germany and 2 weeks ago my 850 AW kit arrived and I started. Wanted to post my current progress to get some feedback, cause I have the feeling it's not fitting quite right. Here are some pictures: At the moment I attached most of the torso and abdomen with velcro to be able to adjust the fit. Gonna replace it with snaps once it fits well. Is there a better method? Thanks in advance!
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