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  1. Hello everyone. I'm new here. Trying to spread word about something some of you might already be a part of. My friend Matthew Lanclos from Twitter began the process of forming a group to go after Anovos. We have a lawyer and quite a few people who have either never received their items ordered (like myself) or received poor quality products. We still have time to gather more troops for the cause, so here's the information if you would like to be part of this. From twitter: -------------------- Matthew Lanclos @MILEHIGHMAHOO · Jun 3 Hey #Twitterverse. If you have not received your items from @Anovos #Anovos and would like to participate in a possible #classaction #classactionlawsuit against them please email me at anovosclassaction@icloud.com with the subject "Questionnaire Form Request". #fraud #ponzischeme ------------------ The questionnaire form is fairly simple. It's information about what you ordered, when, if you've contacted the company, and how the lawyer can reach you. I will keep my account active here if you want to talk privately or respond to the thread as I'll check in to answer what I can. We had a conference call this afternoon with the lawyer. This currently is for all USA buyers, but the lawyer still wants to hear from international folks too. It's time to take a stand against companies that defraud people. Thx for reading. Sevan
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