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  1. Welcome to the family am after TK kit to not able to build so after ready to wear
  2. congrats what part of tampa bay you in?
  3. Thank you glad to make it here now armor seems it is going to take me a while as I need to make sure that what I get it 501 APPRABLE ....VADER will not be me for now but TK armor seems to be good fit.
  4. Thank You all just trying to one set of armor for now but now maybe VADER? tapatalk IF I DOWNLOAD TO PHONE HOW DO I GET IN TO HERE?
  5. Thank you all I do not know how may VADER'S are wanted?
  6. Thank You for responding I have,BUT to me it seems lot of people want to be?
  7. True and I have looked for a few years but wa shopping coming here I could get a easyer answer,I see a lot of armor $$$$ so only want to buy one time and having to build is not able to right now. Am glad you all help want to buy the "RIGHT" armor for me for as am 6'5 300 size 16. boots usa sizing..............
  8. new to it but would love to get going easier as retiring soon and woul dlove to vist it VA HOSP'S seeing and honoring?
  9. it is ok but where is a good place to get armor for newbies can be part of the family and grow?
  10. Everyone has armor why not share with everyone where to get it and grow the troop?
  11. https://www.stormtrooper-costumes.com/. Has anyone EVER used this site? I have written a few times with no reply.......
  12. congratulations am in TAMPABAY new but have not got armor yet. Is there a FB page for the TAMPABAY troops?
  13. At the moment I’m out to be a hospital and don’t have time to go through all the great posts I’m wondering when you get your armor and your whole suit how do you get it approved to join the 501? I found a few people that make the armor ready to go which makes me happy but it’s not cheap hate to spend a lot of money to not be able to be part of the 501…
  14. Hello am 6’5 300 size 16 boot I see a Lotta armor for sale online for people to do it for a living and just want to get thoughts also having a hard time finding the boots I’m in the Tampa Bay area of Florida USA
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