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  1. Also quick update: Upon checking the seam, it seems to be not that bad as I thought originally. It does need sanding to clean it up but it is only a bit loose in one small area. In other words, it can be easily fixed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I don’t have the paint yet, but I was planning on using the rattle can. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Alright, so the boots arrived today: They fit and all, but need to be broken in a bit. On the other hand, I attempted/sort of glued one of the sides of the abdomen, but the reason I say "attempted" is because I incorrectly went about doing it, instead of gluing the backing strip to one side and letting it set, before gluing it to the other side, I instead tried to glue it to both sides and as result, it shifted everywhere getting a lot of glue on the inside, and the outsides as well. As I said, it was really bad.... I was finally able
  4. Ok, so I went ahead a glued the shoulder bells: I used E6000, as I believe there should be no issue in terms of flexing. I gave each "lip" about 1cm in the center with it tapering down on the edges until the edge. The yoke/back should be done curing in about an hour so I will then proceed to check up on that and test fit it with the abdomen before I glue that together.
  5. Quick question: Is it alright to use E6000 on the shoulder bells to attach the “lip” on them? I don’t believe there to be too much flex there, nor it needs bondo. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Ok so today I glued the first piece, the one giving me the most trouble: the yoke and the back. I got it to sit properly, after doing a bit of trimming on the inside and a little elsewhere. It still didn't want to sit flush too well on the inside, but it was able to be done so once I put the clamps and the like on there. In the photos it looks a bit messy, but I cleaned it up after I got it where I wanted. I need to get a better applicator for the glue. Outside Inside Until I can get something better, even like a tongue depressor or something, I will hold on g
  7. Appreciate linking me to your thread, that is really helpful, as well as for the abdomen. I plan on cutting down the back, and then gluing the sides, right now I just wanted to test the fitment. As for the yoke, that is helpful, I may do that to mine, since it's confusing and quite problematic, at least for fitting it. I'll look more into that method tomorrow when I can get back on it. Thank you!
  8. So today the glue arrived and I wanted to get started on working on the yoke and back, so I could properly size it on the sides, after checking it, but I am running into an issue. I used the clamps to make sure that everything was in order with the two, but I am seemingly coming into a problem which I cannot find any resources on: The yoke is different on the new version of KB's kit, and therefore any other build threads I have seen either have the older, more common style of the yoke, or those with the same kind simply have not yet shown any updates on their progress with gluing t
  9. Nice work. I am about ready to glue the abdomen, so this is very helpful to me. Keep it up.
  10. Finally finished trimming (somewhat, still need to trim for fitment when I get the gaskets and the like): Here are the thighs trimmed and sanded (although upon a second look it seems like it may need a little more when they are glued together. Thighs trimmed The whole of the armor after everything trimmed and sanded: I think an ab box may have fallen off the table before I took this pic, but nonetheless it is all done. (the abdomen also was trimmed along the bottom edge a little more too to make it more like anovos's armor. Markings were on there
  11. Not much done today, worked on the spats, knees and the shins some: Shins trimmed and sanded Spats 1 Spats 2 Knees All I have left to trim is the thighs and then the main trimming is all done. I will probably start moving onto gluing what I can (the stuff that doesn't need to be sized down a bit) and the sort sometime this upcoming week. I still am trying to figure out how I should go about heating the abdomen and chest a bit to make it conform a bit more with my body. Right now it's really blocky. I am thinking
  12. So didn't get too much done today. Just trimmed down the posterior armor and the cod piece, as well as the "lips" that go under the shoulder bells. Cod Piece "Posterior Piece" (Upon looking at it now, I see I forgot to trim down the sides of the very top, so that it is similar to "Anovos's style") Shoulder bell lips (Forgot to take a picture of the trimmed and sanded TD plate.) Tomorrow I am planning on working on the thighs and possibly the shins as well, maybe the spats too. (I have to fight against the sun going down and
  13. I looked at mine a bit more, and I believe you to be right. It seems that I may have left a bit too much edge on the chest. I'll try to get it down more tomorrow and check the fit again. Appreciate it.
  14. Today I was not able to make much progress, mainly trimmed down the abdomen front and back. I also trimmed down the thermal detonator's "back piece" (I forget what it's called.) I also made a little modification to the forearm plates to make them thinner so it can be more accurate when it is glued. (As to which @TKSpartan's thread was very useful, as well as where you trimmed, appreciate it.) One other thing I noticed was that my chest piece seems to fit kind of odd, leaving a gap, on top of the yoke. I trimmed it down some, and it fits a little better, but it still seems a bit odd. (Pictu
  15. I appreciate everyone's advice, and will use said advice when getting the glues and such. As for today I made a bit of progress: Worked primarily on the chest today: Cut out the pill holes and trimmed off the excess on the sides. Rough mocked up with the yoke. Still need to trim the edges of the front chest where the yoke appears a little. I check the fit on myself and it's a bit wide, so I may curve the sides in a little with a heat gun. (Couldn't get a good photo due to the size of the mirror) I also trimmed dow
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