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  1. Hi everyone! After recently kitting up for the first time in several months I've discovered that my armor just doesn't quite fit the same. I'm considering modifying my kit (mainly by reducing return edges on the legs and butt plate along with strapping adjustments) to give me some bonus mobility and maybe even the ability to crouch. How do you all deal with mobility or the lack of it? Any tips you can pass along to help get back some mobility and flexibility in mine? Thanks! Edit: After looking around some more I saw a lot of detail about mobility cuts on the backs of the thighs / shins. Beyond keeping whatever trimming to just the raised bits is there any guidelines or recommendations anyone would have for that? Also, has anyone trimmed the height of their thigh pieces? My AM 2.0 kit seems almost tall for me even now and I'm entertaining the idea of working on that down the road to give my ANH Stunt kit the maneuverability of a Rogue one TK. I've attached a photo of my recent kit up for now to try and get the idea across. Please note that I'm not standing perfectly straight so the leg pieces do not appear to be lined up while symmetrically but are still the same size.
  2. It just hit me that I never shared the results for this. I'd like to apologize to everyone who was waiting on the data. The results can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KdQHWYeYgjpYsP4saPqEUot2mdRyfqd5OyigSsNuL9o/edit?usp=sharing
  3. Soo.... the thing about this project is that we're supposed to be dealing with skewed data! I figured this was totally a non-biased set where I'd absolutely not receive skewed data to help with my work and make it even easier. As a side note I hope this doesn't influence any future responses. I've gotten over 30 from here and a few other sources and they all seem to be lining up the way I figured they would, but I don't want to influence the choice of anyone yet to put their response forward.
  4. Hi everyone! For one of my college classes I have an assignment that requires me to collect data. I was hoping I could get some help with that here! Below is a link to a one question survey that will be quick, anonymous, and easy to answer! I'd appreciate any and all answers to it. I'll post my results later this week! https://forms.gle/js8qtWf35FwJFFed7
  5. Thanks for the tips, I’ll be sure to do this! Is it possible to disassemble an Anovos FOTK more than removing the lens? If so how do I do that?
  6. If I don't have rubbing alcohol available, would any cleaning wipe work? I've got a sanding sponge I'm going to try to use to rough up the inside like you suggested. I've got a respirator thankfully. Once I'm done, do I leave it out in the garage (no ac / heat) or take it inside to let it cure there, and how long does curing typically take before you'd feel safe installing components? I want to figure out how I'm attaching my visor next.
  7. Ages and ages ago I got an Anovos TFA FOTK Helmet. I removed the hard hat plastic helmet liner and the visor from the inside with the intent to replace them both. I got a Vaderpaint visor but never got around to installing it. I'd like to try and line the inside with Plastidip, as it seems like a fun quarantine project. Is there anything I should know before I take a go at it? The helmet is all in one piece, so I anticipated a lot of masking and lining the outside with a plastic bag to prevent any errors. I figured I'd wipe the inside down with rubbing alcohol and then go for it, but have zero clue how to go about the actual painting process. Also, if I'm looking to install stuff like velcro for helmet padding and potentially some speakers and fans (like what Ukswrath sells) down the line, what additional preparation do I need to do? Thanks!
  8. This is awesome to find out about, I can't wait to see what the benefits will look like!
  9. Thanks! I picked up some replacements I appreciate it!
  10. I’ve not trooped for two years due to school taking my free time. I’m hoping to get back in the game but my iComm battery appears to have died. Any idea how to replace it or do I need to buy a new one? Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the notice! Likely going to stay with the TFA setup for my build when I get around to it.
  12. Hello! I'm looking to get a F-11D in the future and had a few questions I was hoping could be answered. Is there a recommended place to get a kit or fully completed blaster that has a similar toughness to that of Hyperfirm? (Sadly Hyperfirm is OT only ) How often is it that the stock is able to be removable? I'm not sure if the smaller version is just a screw or slide away from being full-scale. Is there any discernable difference between the blasters from TFA and TLJ? Thanks! Currently looking at THG Props for their rubber F-11D, but I'm unsure as of yet.
  13. 20. Toledo Zoo Pumpkin Path Day 2, Toledo Ohio, October 22, 2017 - 4 hours I was able to join in on the second day of this thankfully! We were set up along a Pumpkin Path just inside the entrance, taking photos and handing out candy to any and all who came by! The lunch break was a tad awkward eating in armor, but manageable in the end! Overall thoughts: I messed with the fans in my helmet a bit, but to no avail. Not an issue aside from noise, but I'm going to look into replacing them in the future. Non blaster-cam photos credit to Matthew R. Never learned who the fourth trooper there was, they changed separately from the rest of the group and didn't hardly say a word. Odd .-. Group photo! (Minus Vader) We split into two groups to make photo-taking go a little faster for the crowd. We recognized a bunch of familiar faces! For our fun we charged the outrageous price of a high-five for each person present! A loyal citizen of the Empire came up and asked to be "arrested" - Odd but not too out there for a photo! Group-ish photo with Vader! This is what my photo-taking looks like from another angle: dopey as all heck! We ran into the fearsome Darth Trooper! This kid had the time of his life talking to our Boba, who gave him a signed action figure and a trading card! Some friends of some of the other troopers stopped by for photos too! I do this every so often while taking photos for fun to shake things up a bit! Some times they notice right away, other times they don't notice till they're long gone!
  14. 19. Oddmall Toledo Day 2, Toledo Ohio, October 15, 2017 - 4 hours A little late in posting this troop but oh well! This was another round of Oddmall, like a few months ago but in a different location. After changing I was stationed near a combined 501st / Rebel Legion / Mandolorian Mercs table to pass out information and take photos. After a bit of this, other TKs arrived and I had a chance to patrol the show floor with our Boba Fett. Later on in the troop, I even ran into a friend from my college (BGSU) who I'd briefly spoken to about joining up. He's looking into an ANH TK himself as well as a few other non-armor costumes / kits. Overall thoughts: Everything worked well, but around the halfway point one of my fans shifted and started being noticeably louder. I'm thinking of replacing them soon if this persists too much in the future. Non blaster-cam photos credit to John W. Mostly-full group photo! Got the last TK in one this one! Three generations of Skywalker in one photo! Our Old Luke even greeted Kylo by saying "Look! It's my little disappointment!" "I shall call him mini-me" Had to bring out the Blaster-cam at least once! Old Luke is actually one of the people who mentored me through building my kit! Our hopeful new recruit Tanner! Huge thanks to the table staff, especially John here! He ran the table this time while waiting for an approval for his officer's outfit. Old Luke changed over to Greedo towards the end of our trop and brought along his TK boots as well! Post-troop meal!
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