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  1. I've already begun work on a 3D model for the blaster, the second I caught a glimpse of it yesterday. Will see what I can cook up in the little free time I have. Doesn't look like there's any good images of the right side of the blaster for now so i'll be interested to see what the other side looks like in the future.
  2. Knowing what it's like to get overwhelmed with orders I somewhat feel ANOVOS' pain when stuff falls apart on your supply chain side. However they've been in the business for quite a while so you'd think they'd have learned a thing or two about buffering their demand. I spent 80% of the money I made from the initial F-11D run I did (that took forever, ask my customers who I am eternally grateful for waiting patiently on me) on re-investing back into getting things on the supply side beefed up and to the point where I effectively brought turnaround times for the F-11D's etc from 8-12 weeks to 1-3 weeks on average. I now have several printers that are shelved as redundancies so that if anything goes wrong with my primary production, I have something to fall back on and use without interruption. Now I probably don't have anywhere near the demand of ANOVOS but with that demand comes tremendous cashflow, they should be reinvesting a lot of that money into their supply chain and production to match the demand. They more than likely have employees to pay though, so with payroll and overhead and other things on their books they may not have the cashflow to reinvest, so who knows.
  3. Yep seems to be working now, quite strange.
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