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  1. I took my best guess at overall length and I came up with about 23.2" with the stock. F-11D is around 24 or 25" IIRC, and given that this looked a tad smaller in the hands as well as it being very obviously based off of the Glock Roni Conversion Kit, that gave me a pretty good idea as to size. Oh yeah, and ended up using the polyurethane smoothing technique successfully on the red parts and some of the silver parts and as you can see it turned out super great! Overall I'm pretty happy with where I landed with the design. There's maybe a couple things I want to change just off the top of my head, but I think I'm ready to do a run of these if you guys are interested.
  2. Okay so here's my swing at the blaster:
  3. Sidenote - did the blaster get a name designation anywhere, or are we just calling it the "Episode IX blaster" for now?
  4. Yeah! Talking with some friends it seems that this is due to overcoating with paint, however that was specifically in the instructions for the coating i was trying out to over-coat with paint and then polyurethane spray immediately after. Apparently its more likely to happen on parts with infill facing upward because of the individual extrusions of infill that the paint grabs onto when it's drying. That combined with the polyurethane gave a really solid feel to it though which makes me think it would be great for replicating this in the future with different projects that might call for a texture of this sort. Perhaps an object that needs a little bit of "grippyness" or a leather kinda look in the future, this would work well with.
  5. Thought maybe it would be fun to share this here - I've been experimenting with different coatings for my parts and came across a suggestion to use polyurethane and plastic bonding spray paint combined quickly. Much to my surprise, it left a very interesting (almost leather-like) texture to the part... This is a part off the new blaster specifically, which is why it's a little relevant here. I should have something to show by wednesday or so.
  6. It has admittedly been awhile since i looked over your pistol models but i seem to recall they were based off of the glock 19 frame. I dont personally own a g19 but ive handled many and thats what it closely resembled with the shortness of the grip. Perhaps you have updated the models since. Either way, i'm using a different g17 model to base the grip off of. Theres definitely some differences between the toy and the blasters shown at SDCC. Again, for now i'm heavily basing my model off the toy as i think that's probably the best bet for most of the detail, but definitely taking some of the cues from the pictures ive seen from SDCC as well.
  7. re: Germain, I saw your reply and can assure you none of whatever models you put out for the pistol will be used in mine. There's actually some distinct differences here, such as I noticed they went with a glock 17 pattern grip rather than the g19, so your models wouldn't be terribly helpful anyways. So far the most detailed images Ive been able to get are the hot toys model youtube video gmrhodes linked a page or two back. Those have been incredibly helpful with my modeling, however a big problem occured to me. We've seen stuff in the past where models like these that are included with toys have several inaccuracies, and i'm noticing a few different details that are different between the blasters included in the hot toys model and the ones carried by the sith troopers at SDCC. I will say my current model is heavily based off of the toy replica since there's so much detail to be had off that version. Perhaps if I do a run of these blasters, I may consider releasing a version now that's as accurate as I think i can get between all the images from SDCC and the likes, and then later after december or whenever we can get some confirmed 100% accurate footage/images of the screen used props, I can go back and fix the model and re-release another version with the fixes. And I was kicking around the idea of giving the folks who order the pre-release version a 50% discount off the post-release version, this way there's somewhat of a 'psuedo-deposit', if you will, on the post release version. That way you can have the option of having something sooner thats as accurate as it gets, and then have something later that will hopefully match everything on screen. I've been spending literally every minute of free time I have (which these days is slim) on this model and I'm very happy with the progress i've been able to make. Definitely getting close, hopefully should have something to show within a week or so and when I do it'll be a physical 'prototype', not just the model.
  8. Interesting how the SDCC sith troopers "box things" on the bottom of the blaster near the handguard seem to be greyed out, but the promo photos show some detail like wires or something. Any and all high res pictures of the blaster are appreciated. Ive put a lot of work in whipping up a model this past week and look forward to possibly doing a run of those.
  9. I've already begun work on a 3D model for the blaster, the second I caught a glimpse of it yesterday. Will see what I can cook up in the little free time I have. Doesn't look like there's any good images of the right side of the blaster for now so i'll be interested to see what the other side looks like in the future.
  10. Knowing what it's like to get overwhelmed with orders I somewhat feel ANOVOS' pain when stuff falls apart on your supply chain side. However they've been in the business for quite a while so you'd think they'd have learned a thing or two about buffering their demand. I spent 80% of the money I made from the initial F-11D run I did (that took forever, ask my customers who I am eternally grateful for waiting patiently on me) on re-investing back into getting things on the supply side beefed up and to the point where I effectively brought turnaround times for the F-11D's etc from 8-12 weeks to 1-3 weeks on average. I now have several printers that are shelved as redundancies so that if anything goes wrong with my primary production, I have something to fall back on and use without interruption. Now I probably don't have anywhere near the demand of ANOVOS but with that demand comes tremendous cashflow, they should be reinvesting a lot of that money into their supply chain and production to match the demand. They more than likely have employees to pay though, so with payroll and overhead and other things on their books they may not have the cashflow to reinvest, so who knows.
  11. Yep seems to be working now, quite strange.
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