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  1. its based on the batman forever suit. with val klimer......
  2. i got rid of my stormy i had a sand trooper and a ap stormy , they are both gone now, it was time for a change.... i have a batman panther suit now....
  3. PURE CRAP!!!! NOT WORTH THE MONEY.... who approved this for sale anyway......
  4. mine is tk2067 well it is the year of 2000 and i took the year i was born. 1967 ....
  5. they are also doing a boba fett ,,,hmmm like to see that, i always wanted a boba fett...
  6. thanks for the comments... yes there is a small shade difference in the whites ... but not to bad... i am sure if i sanded the forearms and bells and primed them then painted them white it would be fine... when i have the time i will look at that.....
  7. here is a pic of my ap armor..... no i have changed the shoulder bells to fx and the fore arms to fx , they were too small for me....
  8. i think he is saying he would like us to go the site and addour comments to help him out.... yes some people think we are nerds.... but we are not,,, myself , when i see a kids face or an adults face for that matter who likes star wars , its priceless they always want pics with ya and hang with ya... so how is it being a nerd... i feel when i suit up , i am an instant celeb... people come up to me and say man thats soo cool or man i love stormtroopers..... so thats a high for me..... rod
  9. well, now that you mention it.. i was at a function a few years ago where there were kids and their moms... there was a few moms sitting on a couch behind me , and i over heard one mom say to another , i wonder what he is hiding under that croch armor. i turned around and said , i heard that, she turned many shades of red , and i was flattered lol
  10. i just noticed a flaw in the new hope movie.... the part in the movie where solo , luke , ben , and the droids hide out in the cargo hold under the floor boards.... well there are 2 troopers that guard the enternce to the falcon...... when they go up stairs you hear 2 blast shots... then the guys where the armor they took from those troopers..... ok look at the trooper on the left , seehow the brow is high. well this is the suit luke ends up wearing, you can tell by the box on his belt.... and when he is seen wearing the suit and helmet , its a different helmet..... not sure if this is old news or a new find.... here are the pics... rod
  11. Well i work in an art gallery as a picture framer, and i am an artist.... i paint landscapes and put them into limited edition prints.... here are a few i have done... i was thinking of doing a star wars painting,maybe one day when i get the time... rod
  12. thanks for the advise .. man i am glad to be part of this forum
  13. no i use abs white glue and mounted it that way... it worked great , i just have to fill the holes now,,,, i will glue some abs plastic behind the hole then fill it... rod
  14. i had to reposition my straps on the chestt armor its made of abs plastic, now i have to small rivet holes , how can i fix this ? any help would be appreciated thanks rod
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