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  1. Been a wild couple weeks but I have completed the build and have been approved. still working on a couple things before I submit for EIB and so on. I would personally like to thank everyone that posted and helped me along the way with the build. Don't mind the shins, I keep having to walk over to the camera to make sure I was in focus. They will be squared away soonest.
  2. TK-47282 requesting access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=28938 Keith S. TK/DZ-47282
  3. Thanks for the pic that will help nicely. I’m a visual kind of guy. Will definitely do that. He is master mind behind all this lol along with other TBS guys. Assisted with this build and my approved Tusken. Keith S. Tampa Bay Squad. DZ-47282
  4. Will do, thanks for the suggestion was going to ask that ask that also before I mounted them. Just glued the shoulder bridges down had to wait for the inner supports to fully dry. Darn drill battery was dead so I have to wait on that so I can drill pilot holes in the TD for the clips. More waiting lol. Keith S. Tampa Bay Squad. DZ-47282
  5. Finally home for a few weeks so I started on painting the button plates. I think I’m on the right track but I want to make sure. I’m thinking I put a little to much grey. Keith S. Tampa Bay Squad. DZ-47282
  6. Thanks, I’ll keep looking for better screws. Haven’t had time to clean up the paint on the teeth just yet and I only extend the paint to what I have seen in other builds. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Did a little work on the bucket the last couple days. Also do the screws below look ok or are they too big. That’s the best I’ve been able to find locally. Keith S. Tampa Bay Squad. DZ-47282
  8. I do have one question about the TD I am seeing different sizes for the total length anywhere from 184-190mm. Below is what I’m at with the caps on. Keith S. Tampa Bay Squad. DZ-47282
  9. Steady rolling now after a Squad mate (wingnut65) came over last night and looked over my progress so far. Lots of glue drying on the table, mostly snap plates, thigh elastic and the sides of the sniper knee. Keith S. Tampa Bay Squad. DZ-47282
  10. I’m a total newb to ABS so I’m Using E6000. I have a tendency to glue myself to anything/everything when working with CA lol. Keith S. Tampa Bay Squad. DZ-47282
  11. Lol thought I was going to be a lucky one. Put both in the freezer for a few hours and they came apart nicely. Glad it was only the internal strips holding them together. Keith S. Tampa Bay Squad. DZ-47282
  12. Thanks for the heads up Tony I thought for sure that I might have gotten them mixed up but I did get my kit after the whole shin gate thing lol and I doubled checked with your build and a couple other builds with the newer kits to make sure, oh well into the freezer they go.
  13. As promised here are the pictures with everything glued. Just need dome guidance on the shins before glue on the cover strips. Let me know if anything needs adjusted. Thanks in advance. Biceps Forearms Thighs, will be fixing the gaps at some point. Shins, what a pain. cant tell if i have them mixed up. i tried to follow the flow with the long edge on te outside and the bump inside. Might jsut take them to my next troop and have one of the other TK's take a look at them for me.
  14. Thank you, I'm finding the Shins to be a pain right now. Once I glued evethying and test fitted that is when I planned to looks at the areas that i will remove the return edge.
  15. Wow been a while since my last update. Work and family life has limited my posting of updates to the forum but I have been working in the background on my armor. I’m pretty active on Facebook with my garrison brothers and sisters who have been point me in the right direction. Let me know if you notice anything glaring before I move on. I will be working on the snipper knee and thigh ammo this week and gathering elastic and nylon. lost the photos of the completed pieces due to a phone failure so I’ll be retaking those and uploading them soonest. Thanks. Keith Biceps Thighs and forearms Forearms little test fit of the thighs
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