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  1. Posting these a little later then planed was traveling for work last week, but here are the thighs tapped and fitted. Should start on sanding all the pieces at some point this week. Little progress will be done over the next couple weeks of this month with traveling again next week and April is shot with travel for pretty much the whole month. Kind of funny that the kit will take just as long to build as it did to show up at my door. Left Front: Left Back: Right Front: Right Back:
  2. Thank you, the majority of the return edge on the wrist end is gone, just need to file down a couple spots for a smooth finish.
  3. Was able to get a couple hours of work done on the forearms tonight with lots of lines drawn and tape used. It doesn’t look like it in the photos but when pressed into a rounder shape the seams line up better and they fit pretty good. They will more than likely need a hot water bath also. I traced some lines at the elbow end of the right ones where they will need to be trimmed to line up. Just like with the biceps they will need a little sanding before gluing starts. Let me know what you think. Left Front Left Back Right Front Right Back
  4. Finally had some time tonight to work on the biceps and I think they may be for assembly, let me know what you think. I’m going with internal strips on all the butt joints just to be safe. Left front Left Back Right Front Right Back
  5. Thanks Chris, that was one of the suggestions, align at the knee and then trip off at the ankle. Still working on the arm parts right now. Just got back from a weekend away with the family so I’ll be back at it over the next few days.
  6. Lol It definitely has its advantages.
  7. Thanks Tony, made a little more progress over the last couple days with trimming and fitting. Will post up some picture before I start gluing. Definitely a little hesitant with the forearms, they both need some work to get the fit right. getting a little done every night after the little one goes to bed.
  8. and now for the right side. Right bicep Right Forearm Right thigh Right Shin
  9. Hello, this will be my first time building armor, but not my first build. Currently trooping in my ANH Tusken (DZ-47282), with the Florida Garrison (Tampa Bay Squad). This might be a slow build as I have a very busy family and work life. So you may need multiple bowls of popcorn. Below is some of the progress I have made so far. I have only rough cut the armor pieces and taped just to see how everything lines up. A couple squad mates have already made suggestions for the biceps and shins that I have not had time to do just yet. Edit: Forgot to add that I will be buidling to Centurion level. im starting with the left side because im a lefty lol. Right side will be up next. Left bicep Left forearm Left Thigh Left Shins
  10. Hello, requesting 501st access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=28938 thank you Keith S.
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