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  1. I looked around the Spec Ops forums and unfortunately it is not yet allowed for approval. Thanks for the help here!
  2. Are R1TKs allowed for Shadow Trooper 501st approval? It is not specified in the CRL for the Shadow Stormtrooper about if R1TKs are not allowed for approval.
  3. Those were the files I saw before actually! I couldn't find them for a bit thanks for showing them!
  4. Thanks so much! I think I remember seeing these good files the other day and I’ll have to find them and post them here to see what you guys think.
  5. I have a few questions about E-11's. 1. Is a modified rubies E-11 an approvable option for 501st approval? 2. What kind of templates are good for a scratch build? (any links to templates would be greatly appreciated!) 3. Are there reliable 3D-print templates for an E-11? (again, any links would be greatly appreciated!) 4. What are some good E-11 kits? (if I decide not to go with 3D-printed, scratch built, or modified rubies)
  6. I haven't tried that because I had no idea what his profile was lol. Thanks for showing me!
  7. Does anyone know how to get in contact with AP? I have questions about if he just sells helmet kits and how much they would go for.
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